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MLOS 500b Research in Organizations:

MLOS 500b Research in Organizations Writing Survey Questions

Generating Your Research Problem:

Generating Your Research Problem State the problem clearly and completely What is the relationship between overtime and work-life conflict in XYZ organization? Divide problem into sub-problems Overtime Work-life conflict--how work interferes with family life

Survey Tips:

Survey Tips Keep it short Keep it simple Ask only 1 question/question Use a funnel approach—general to specific Don’t ask leading questions

Survey Tips:

Survey Tips Avoid double negatives Stick to closed questions Make sure the way the question is asked doesn’t affect the way it is answered Answers should be exclusive

Survey Tips:

Survey Tips Neutral or Not Forced choice scale makes people decide Strongly Agree/Agree/Disagree/Strongly Disagree Sometimes they really have no opinion More than five choices doesn’t add information Strongly Agree/Agree/Neutral/Disagree/Strongly Disagree

Developing a Questionnaire:

Developing a Questionnaire First, I’d want to know if people actually work overtime and how it is treated (do they receive extra pay, comp time, or is it just expected that they work long hours) I’d also want to know if they are expected to be available for calls after working hours. Then I’d want to know how it affects family life. I wouldn’t ask about family life interference in work, because that’s not within the research problem.


Questions Note that the answers I create for the questions will vary. My regular work week averages (Include time spent working at home, if applicable): Less than 30 hours 31-40 hours 41-50 hours 51-60 hours 60 hours or more I am expected to respond to work related questions after I have left my workplace. No, when I am off work I am not expected to respond to work-related issues. Yes, when I am off work I am expected to take phone calls regarding work questions. Yes, when I am off work I am expected to answer emails regarding work questions. Yes, when I am off work I am expected to take phone calls and answer emails regarding work questions.


Questions My organization equates high performance with extra hours on the job. Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly disagree My organization compensates me for overtime in the following ways (check all that apply) Payment for extra hours at the same rate Payment for extra hours at a higher rate Compensation time I receive no extra money or compensation time for extra hours worked Other (please specify) Note now that I have determined whether or not those I sample work more than 40 hours a week and whether or not their organization expects access to them when they are not at work. That allows me to make better sense of how they experience work-life conflict. So, next I will add in the work-life conflict questions.


Questions All these would be answered with a Likert Scale (Strongly agree  strongly disagree) After work, I come home too tired to do some of the things I’d like to do. On the job I have so much work to do that it takes away from my personal interests. My family/friends dislike how often I am preoccupied with my work while I am at home. My work takes up time that I’d like to spend with family/friends. The demands of my job make it difficult to be relaxed all the time at home. These five questions come from Taking the Measure of Work by Dail L. Fields. The one below and the first four were written by me. I often feel as though I have more work than I have time to do it in.


Questions Finally, I add in the demographic questions I am Male/female Under 21/21-25/26-30/31-35/36-40/41-45/46-50/51-55/56-60/61-65/over 65 Employed as a ______ And so on.

Now, I build my survey:

Now, I build my survey Using Survey Monkey Benefits It’s free It’s easy It will summarize for you Downside Free version doesn’t allow graphs or charts You have to decide if you have more time or more money Go to this link to view the survey http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?PREVIEW_MODE=DO_NOT_USE_THIS_LINK_FOR_COLLECTION&sm=aIF3wT8fmAFVVIxrFDeorVYEFX%2bGpq83uWPU0PXBEnw%3d Note the following: SurveyMonkey has a 10 question limit in the free version, but you can get around it by formatting some questions as I did in #s 6 and 10 when the answers to the questions are identical. Demographic questions come last.

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