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Creative humour


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Fast & Heavy:

Fast & Heavy By Rob Russell

The Kids:

The Kids

Tom Ladden:

Tom Ladden

Two Mop Heeds:

Two Mop Heeds

Vicky and Apache:

Vicky and Apache

My Girl and my SG:

My Girl and my SG

Some Neds @ Moe’s Ibiza:

Some Neds @ Moe’s Ibiza

A Big Ned:

A Big Ned

Random Frogs and My Dad:

Random Frogs and My Dad



Water skiing in Australia:

Water skiing in Australia

Brook Bond:

Brook Bond

Random Ex:

Random Ex

Pub Queen:

Pub Queen

Who is she?:

Who is she?

AC/DC Live:

AC/DC Live

Bigger Pub Queen:

Bigger Pub Queen

At the Gay Bar, Gay Bar:

At the Gay Bar, Gay Bar

Big Trouble !:

Big Trouble !

Spiritual Home:

Spiritual Home

The Langstar:

The Langstar

Random Drunk:

Random Drunk

Gone With The Wind:

Gone With The Wind

When I Had:

When I Had

French Chick and Hot Guy:

French Chick and Hot Guy

In a far far Galaxy:

In a far far Galaxy

The End:

The End

The End:

The End Music Written and Played By Rob Russell

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