Introduction to the SharePoint 2013 REST API By QuontraSolutions

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Introduction to the SharePoint 2013 REST API By QuontraSolutions:

Introduction to the SharePoint 2013 REST API By QuontraSolutions Email : [email protected] Call us : 404-900-9988 WebSite :


AGENDA REST and ODATA Overview SharePoint 2013 REST API Demos 2

REST Introduction:

REST Introduction REST = RE presentational S tate T ransfer A simpler alternative to SOAP based on HTTP request/response pairs Client sends HTTP requests that target specific resources using unique URIs 3

What is OData?:

What is OData? Odata is a standardized REST API for Data Access ODATA API maps CRUD operations to HTTP verbs 4

HTTP Methods:

HTTP Methods GET Returns an item or array of items POST Creates a new item PUT Updates an item (replaces all fields with default values) PATCH or MERGE Updates an item in place (existing values are retained) DELETE Deletes an item 5

OData URIs:

OData URIs URI has three parts Service root URI Resource path Query string options 6 Service Root URI Resource Path to a SharePoint Object Query String Options

OData Query Option Parameters:

OData Query Option Parameters $select Specifies which columns to retrieve $filter Selecting what items to retrieve $orderby Sorting items $expand Retrieve results that are usually deferred $top Select how many items to return $skip Selecting which row to start at 7



Critical Tools:

Critical Tools Fiddler Core jQuery library Browser developer tools Advanced REST Client (Chrome App) Postman (Chrome App) 9

Request Headers:

Request Headers Accept what type of data you want to receive Content-type What type of data you are sending in the request body X-HTTP-Method Which operation to perform X-Request Digest Encrypted security value required for updates IF-MATCH Passes Etag value to control optimistic concurrency 10

AJAX Calls:

AJAX Calls $.ajax() function is part of the core jQuery library URI end point Accept header: application/ json;odata =verbose 11

Request Digest:

Request Digest Provides security mechanism to protect against replay attacks SharePoint pages has element with ID __REQUESTDIGEST Passed in request by using X- RequestDigest header <site url>/_api/ contextinfo 12

Creating / Updating :

Creating / Updating You must include item type metadata for inserts & updates All write operations must pass valid request digest value 13

List Item Type Metadata:

List Item Type Metadata Each SharePoint list has a unique type for its list items String based type value must be passed will all inserts and updates 14

Creating list items:

Creating list items 15

Delete list items:

Delete list items 16

Update List Items:

Update List Items 17

Current REST Issues:

Current REST Issues REST API does have support for Managed Metadata Workflows Lacks batching support * 18

Thank You!:

Thank You! 19

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