Achievement Profile 2011

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Achievement Profile2011:

Achievement Profile2011 How can we ensure that Bronxville provides the best possible curriculum and instruction, leading to the success of every student ?

The Changing Context of Assessment:

The Changing Context of Assessment The Common Core Standards: “fewer, clearer, higher” Race to the Top: new forms of accountability, focus on student learning results Race to the Top: increased emphasis on data collection and analysis

Catching Up or Leading the Way:

Catching Up or Leading the Way Many of the valuable skills, knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and perspectives one needs and schools cultivate do not have widely accepted standardized tests. Thus we need to adopt a broad range of indicators to assess student learning (p.184) -Yong Zhao

Purpose of Responsible Assessment*:

Purpose of Responsible Assessment* Provides feedback to students in order to improve their learning . Informs the teaching/learning dynamic to better meet students’ needs . Generates information about the extent to which students acquire, apply, and create knowledge. *Tri-State Consortium, 2011

Forms of Responsible Assessment*:

Forms of Responsible Assessment* Multiple forms of assessment provide a broader and more accurate picture of what students know and can do . Standardized tests make comparisons and identify patterns within and across groups of students. More authentic, performance-based assessments provide richer detail about what individual students know and can do and how they progress over time. *Tri-State Consortium, 2011

Misuse of Assessment*:

Misuse of Assessment* Just as it is inappropriate to make judgments about students based on any single measure, it is also inappropriate to make judgments about teachers, schools or school districts based on any single measure. *Tri-State Consortium, 2011

Analysis of Student Learning Results:

Analysis of Student Learning Results How do we use multiple measures to help students know what they need to learn next ? Support Services: responding to individual needs Instruction: multiple routes to success Curriculum: addressing gaps and patterns