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Are you in the process of extending your entrepreneurial process to the budding industry of cannabis? Are you currently looking for a cannabis consulting firm that can walk you through the entire permit acquisition process? Look no further, Quantum 9 is that consulting firm.


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Quantum 9 Inc. Cannabis Permit Consulting Quantum 9 Inc. | The Future of Cannabis Proven techniques from a global cannabis consulting team.

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Driven by innovation. Cannabis Permit Acquisition Services Are you in the process of extending your entrepreneurial prowess to the budding industry of cannabis Are you currently looking for a cannabis consulting frm that can walk you through the entire permit acquisition process Look no further Quantum 9 is that consulting frm. Quantum 9 Inc. takes a systematic approach when helping clients acquire permits from AutoCAD Designs to Standard Operating Procedures Quantum 9 uses quality assurance measures to not only protect from diversion but also from product contamination. +91.6 Quantum 9 Inc. Success Rate

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Quantum 9 Inc. International Cannabis Consulting Experts Many people ask | What is the difference between Quantum 9 Inc. and other cannabis permit acquisition consulting frms That question is easy to answer. No team is more talented and has the industry knowledge we do. The Quantum 9 Inc. team has successfully obtained 22 out of 24 licenses boosting a 91.6 success rate. Quantum 9 has helped clients obtain licenses in merit application states including CO CA Canada MA WA NV and IL. Our SOPs comply with all requirements set by federal state or provincial regulators. Our technical documentation covers all aspects of cultivation manufacturing and dispensing of cannabis. Quick Facts about Building Specifcations Building Size: 40000 sq. ft. Lights in Flowering Stage: 1000 Power Needed: 2500 kVA Weight it Can Produce: 5000-12500 lbs Projected Revenue: USD 12.5-36 Million Capital Costs: USD 5-10 Million Annual Operating Costs: USD 3.6-6 Million

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What should you put in your application What are regulatory bodies looking for Do you have the best team in place What can you start on today so you do not feel the burden of a deadline looming around the corner Stop guessing and engage Quantum 9 Inc. to answer all of these questions for you. AutoCAD Designs Regulatory bodies are looking for well designed facilities outlining lighting propagation areas security as well as limited access and camera line of sight. Security Protocols Security is vital in preventing diversion. Protecting company assets ensuring employee safety and covering areas of risk are critical areas to consider. Sanitation Protocols Q9 facilities are designed using a systematic approach with laboratory grade cleanliness ensuring quality of products from start to fnish. SOPs and GMPs Regulatory bodies are looking to see strict SOPs and impeccable GMPs demonstrating a well developed plan and approach to cannabis cultivation. Quality Assurance Ensuring that your products are free of pests pathogens heavy metals and contaminates are some of the most important factors to address. 744 N. Clark St. Suite 804 Chicago IL 60654 USA Phone +1.888.716.0404 Email: infoquantum9.net Web: quantum9.net QUANTUM 9 INC.

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Our team for your needs Our permitting philosophy is simple provide regulatory bodies with the information necessary to gain visibility into operations. We address issues such as security diversion patient care and access to quality products. The permit acquisition process is an onerous and time-consuming endeavor. Delegate these tasks to a frm that enjoys facility planning and design. Engage a team that has the experience and pedigree to take your vision to reality. Jump start your process with North America‘s leading cannabis consulting team featured on CBS CBC Chicago Tribune Fox News Yahoo Finance and the Marijuana Business Daily. Quantum 9 takes a holistic approach in permit acquisition projects. Our group has schematic AutoCAD designers quality assurance experts cultivators security experts more. Ed Rosenthal Quantum 9 Inc. Michael Mayes

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Cultivation permits require industrial horticulture talent. Regulatory bodies are looking for organizations that have well documented processes and procedures including standard operating procedures and good manufacturing protocols. Quantum 9 Inc. brings over thirty years of documentation from fathers of cannabis such as Ed Rosenthal and innovative thinkers like Justin DeAngelis. Quantum 9 can help with talent acquisition and concise documentation needed to submit to regulatory bodies. Quantum 9 is the answer. What can you do today Get letters of recommendations from the town council city planning board and local government offcials including the mayor. Put the best team in place. Having a former police chief on your board will give you the weight you need to be a contender in this game. Engage a lobbyist. The right connections will be key in your application submission. The Quantum 9 Inc. team is led by the legendary Ed Rosenthal The Guru of Ganja TM . Permit acquisition success rates topple 90 unmatched in the industry.