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Quantum 9's experts have developed a comprehensive, proven document set that has helped our clients secure permits in the past. Each client's documentation is tailored and customized to meet the needs of the local regulatory body.


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Permit Acquisition Services :

Permit Acquisition Services

About Quantum 9, Inc.:

About Quantum 9, Inc. The Quantum 9, Inc. expert consulting team has produced extensive documentation utilized for license acquisition as well as actual operations. The firm’s core expertise includes permit acquisition, staff augmentation, and employee training. Quantum 9, Inc. offers a set of standard operation procedures (SOPs) for every action in a client’s business. Along with the application, the entirety of the set spans over 187 documents and 2,000 pages. The Quantum 9, Inc. team has successfully obtained 21 out of 23 licenses boasting a 91% success rate. Quantum 9 has helped clients obtain licenses in California, Canada, Colombia, Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington, Nevada, and Illinois. The SOPs have been written to help an organization run world-class facilities. All projects are led by Michael Mayes, Chief Executive Officer, of the firm. Michael helps determine project scope and provides project management from contracting to license submission. Due to this incredible focus, Quantum 9, Inc. prefers exclusivity in State or National markets.

Quantum 9 Engagement Process Overview:

Quantum 9 Engagement Process Overview

Talent Acquisitions and Team Selection :

Talent Acquisitions and Team Selection Quantum 9 evaluates every advisor and board member on the team and determines the highlights in their backgrounds to help aid in the license acquisition. Suggestions are made to add depth to a client’s team including executives, board members and advisors . Quantum 9 evaluates cultivation talent including grower agents to ensure the individuals have the background and knowledge to meet client revenue goals.

Site and Production Planning :

Site and Production Planning Site Planning Quantum 9 can aid in site selection, schematic design and three-dimensional renderings. The Quantum 9 team acts as subject matter experts to architectural firms and all mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers. Production Planning Once the preferred cultivation method is determined together with the client’s Master Gardener, Quantum 9 can enumerate what approach is required for start-up, quarterly consumables, staffing, and genetics.

Facility Planning:

Facility Planning Quantum 9 can determine the facility assets needed and with a direct distributorship with Sunlight Supply one of the worlds largest distributors of specialty gardening equipment. Sunlight offers of over 5,000 different products includes everything needed for indoor, hydroponic, organic and greenhouse gardening.

Security Planning :

Security Planning Internal and external security needs are considered as well as the facility location to plan pragmatically. Dispensaries and cultivation centers require security plans that outline camera light of sight, diversion protocols and emergency situation procedures. Technology Planning Quantum 9 can ensure a data-driven, continuous improvement process with reverse traceability through the Quantum 9 standard software. Quantum 9 has extensive custom application and web development experience to support clients. Technology and software are selected for both cultivation, processing and dispensary facilities.

Detailed Budget:

Detailed Budget While each step of the plan is focused on cost containment, a detailed budget isn’t practical until decisions on method, facility assets, security and technology are determined. A pro forma will guide the investment requirements and operating capital requirements.

Application Submission and Staff Training :

Application Submission and Staff Training Application Submission The obvious constraint to beginning operations is obtaining the license. The Quantum 9 staff will document every aspect of your cultivation, processing and dispensary operations including GMPs, SOPs, and submission requirements. Staff Training Quantum 9, Inc. consultants can support client staff with work aids and periodic checklists for quality practices. Training on technology is also very important as familiarity affects performance.

Operations Commencement :

Operations Commencement With the facility prepared and the staff trained, clients will be ready to shift from spending money to making money. Continuous Improvement Quality and yield can always be improved, and we strive to tweak operations in a manner that is easily digested. Unforeseen pests or pathogen problems will arise, but we will be available to lend our expertise to address issues accordingly.

Technical Documentation Areas :

Technical Documentation Areas Business Plan Creation Security Protocols including Diversion and Safety Procedures Retail Standard Operating Procedures Cultivation Standard Operating Procedures Cultivation Good Manufacturing Procedures Cannabis Waste and Disposal Plan Processing Standard Operating Procedures Processing Good Manufacturing Procedures Quality Assurance and Quality Control Procedures Training Protocols Genetic Selection Planning Alcohol and Drug-Free Workspace Policies Record Keeping including Inventory Control

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