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Earthquakes : 


Earthquake Information : 

Earthquake Information An earthquake is when the ground shakes or spreads apart. Earthquakes can destroy buildings and cause many deaths. Earthquakes occur in the Virgin Islands, Northern and Southern California, Northern and Southern Alaska, and the Alaska Peninsula the most. Earthquakes occur in these areas the most because these areas are on tectonic plate boundaries since they are on the edges of tectonic plates. My area has a low risk of experiencing an earthquake because Indiana doesn’t have a lot of earthquake history and it isn’t on a tectonic plate boundary.

How Earthquakes Effect People : 

How Earthquakes Effect People Besides earthquakes volcanoes can do a lot of damage too. They both can destroy entire cities. Earthquakes and volcanoes can leave survivors homeless. Earthquakes affect people because sometimes people get trapped when buildings are destroyed. After an earthquake or volcano, it takes a lot of work to build new buildings and rescue people.

Earthquake Preparedness : 

Earthquake Preparedness Scientists can help you predict earthquakes by giving long-term predictions. You can also prepare for earthquakes by designing buildings that can withstand earthquakes. For example, houses need to have stronger walls and large buildings need to have base isolators to reduce how much they shake.

Magnitude : 

Magnitude Magnitudes are determine by how powerful earthquakes are. Some earthquakes are very minor, but others can cause total destruction. A magnitude that is 1 more than another magnitude releases 32 times as much energy as the lower magnitude.

Real-Time System : 

Real-Time System The real-time system can be used to see where earthquakes are occurring all over the world. They show earthquakes everyday when they receive information. The real-time system sometimes predicts earthquakes in an area before they occur. Some real-time systems show the day, time, depth, magnitude of the earthquake, and where it occurred.

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Northern and Southern California, Northern and Southern Alaska, the Alaska Peninsula, and the Virgin Islands are all high-risk earthquake zones. High-risk earthquake zones are where earthquakes occur the most. There are three tectonic plate boundaries, convergent, transform, and divergent, boundaries. These boundaries can slide past each other, push against each other, and spread apart.

Earthquake Preparedness continued : 

Earthquake Preparedness continued A base isolator is placed in the middle of a building and absorbs the ground’s motion to make the building shake more smoothly,and gently. Base isolators are made out of flexible materials.

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