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Six Box Model of OD :

Six Box Model of OD By Prof (Dr) Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin Faculty of Human Resource Ibri College of Technology Sultanate of Oman… Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin

Marvin R.Weisbord:

Marvin R.Weisbord Biography Marvin R. Weisbord  is Vice President and Director of Organization Research & Development., a Division of Block Petrella Associates, Inc., in which firm he is a partner He has written many articles on the theory and practice of organization development and is an associate editor of the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. Mr. Weisbord’s consulting clients have included industrial firms, government agencies, medical schools, a public TV station, a women’s college, and an urban police force. Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin

  What is Organisation Development :

  What is Organisation Development Organisation development is the process through which an organisation develops the internal capacity to most efficiently and effectively provide its mission work and to sustain itself over a long term. Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin

Six box model of organisation development.:

S ix box model of organisation development . This is a well known model created by Marwin.R.Weisbord It is often used to help diagnose organisational issues Its six categories comes various concerns that need to be addressed when designing an organisation Weisbord's six box model contain 6 elements to focus the organizational diagnosis, the organizational strategy, structure, rewards, internal relationships , helpful mechanisms and leadership. It centres the analysis on areas of dissatisfaction, as the starting point , identifying organizational output with which both eternal customers and internal producers are dissatisfied.   Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin


Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin


Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin


Purpose G oal fit: how appropriate is the organization's goal given its environment? G oal clarity: are purposes clear enough to provide guidance to organisation members? G oal agreement: to what extent do organisation members share the organisation's goals? Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin


STRUCTURE D raw the organisation chart; Determine the dominant design archetype ( functional, product/project/program   or hybrid); A ssess the rate of change of the environment, technology and departments; L ist issues of the formal and informal systems; D iscover the rationale of past reorganizations to identify continuous symptoms.   Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin


RELATIONSHIPS Assess the quality of relationships between : - Organisation members (peers and manager/staff ); - Units executing different tasks; - People and their technologies systems , equipment and methods. Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin


REWARDS - what the organisation needs to reward ; - what the organisation pays, both in real terms and psychologically; - what circumstances make the organisation members feel rewarded or punished.   Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin


LEADERSHIP For managers to act effectively, the leadership style needs to fit the informal organisation's behaviour. Leadership's main tasks are to scan the environment, set goals and align the internal organisation to fulfill the defined objectives. Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin


Poor morale Unclear goals Poor quality Poor team performance Intergroup conflict Organization Development Organization Poorly designed tasks Inappropriate leadership style Interpersonal conflicts Low productivity Poor alignment to organization’s strategy Start Point Inappropriate organization structure Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin


HELPFUL MECHANISM Mechanisms are helpful when they: - assist in the coordination or integration of work; - assist in monitoring the organisation's work; - help deal with issues from scanning and diagnostics activities .   Classes of mechanisms are: - policies , procedures, agenda's, meetings; - informal devices, adhoc solutions to add to the formal structure; - planning , budgeting, control and measurement. Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin


EFFECTIVENESS OD diagnostic model is drawn from action research practise,where clients are involved to take an active role in different stages of diagnosis process. By increasing client participation in the diagnosis process od practitioners also increase the application and usefullness of diagnostic intervention, since clients will better understand the identified gaps and areas to focus further implementation interventions. Weisbord six box model can be said as the easiest model to understand and implemented and used by most OD practitioners. Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin


Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin


Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin

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