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Time Management:

Time Management BY MOHAMMED QUADIR MOHIUDDIN Faculty of Human Resource Management Department of Business Studies IBRI College of Technology

Time Management :

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 2 Time Management Time management is straightforwardly defined as the management of time in order to make the most out of it. Time management is a set of principles, practices, skills, tools, and systems working together to help you get more value out of your time with the aim of improving the quality of your life.

Time Management:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 3 Time Management Time - the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues. Management - the act or art of managing :  the conducting or supervising of something. Managing - to handle or direct with a degree of skill.

How Are We Spending Our Time?:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 4 How Are We Spending Our Time? Time Management Starts with a commitment to change How many people on their death bed said “I wish I had spent more time at work” Time Management is about having enough information to make the right choices

Time Management Questions?:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 5 Time Management Questions? How much time do you have? What are your goals? Does free time really mean free time? Do you have a schedule? Do you use a planner? Do you procrastinate? Are you equipped with Time Management Tips?

How much time do you have?:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 6 How much time do you have? There are 24 hours in a day. 7 days in a week. 10,080 Minutes each week. 168 hours in a week 365 days in a year. An extra day during leap year.

What are your goals?:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 7 What are your goals? Make your goals specific and concrete. Set long-term and short-term goals? Set a deadline for your goals. Monitor your goals. Change goals if needed.

PowerPoint Presentation:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 8 Why is it important to manage my time? Time is limited Many responsibilities Enhances productivity Helps in meeting deadlines


4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 9 GOLDEN WORDS “Time is equal to life; therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life”. Alan Lakein “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back”. Harvey Mackay

PowerPoint Presentation:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 10 Typical Time Wasters Some common traps that can rob time: Telephone interruptions Visitors dropping in without appointments. Meetings (scheduled or unscheduled) Nonessential email Crisis situations Lack of objectives, priorities, deadlines Cluttered desk

PowerPoint Presentation:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 11 Attempting to do too much at once, and underestimating the time it takes to do it Blurred lines of authority and responsibility Indecision and procrastination Missing or unclear communication/instruction Inability to say No Lack of standards and progress reports Fatigue

Obstacles to effective time management:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 12 Obstacles to effective time management Unclear objectives Disorganization Inability to say “no”

PowerPoint Presentation:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 13 Interruptions More interruptions Periods of inactivity

PowerPoint Presentation:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 14 Too many things at once Stress and fatigue All work and no play

PowerPoint Presentation:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 15 Planning Your Time Successful supervisors make a daily “to do” list Prepare the list at the same time each day Prioritize tasks after the list is compiled Plan your day Keep your personal energy level in mind Specify when the task should be done Estimate the amount of time required Use a “tickler” filing system or computerized information system

Time Management Tips:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 16 Time Management Tips Write things down. Don’t rely on memory Prioritize your list Plan your week. Spend some time at the beginning of each week to plan your schedule. Carry a notebook. Write down those great ideas and brilliant insights (capture your thoughts). Learn to say no. Say no to low priority requests.

PowerPoint Presentation:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 17 “Change is Universal… Change is Permanent…. Be ever willing to Change….. For, change alone leads you to success and happiness!!!”

What can we do?:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 18 What can we do? Recognize that obstacles exist Identify them Employ strategies to overcome

Set goals:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 19 Set goals SMART goals S pecific, M easurable, A chievable, R ealistic, T ime-Related


4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 20 Prioritize Address the urgent Accomplish what you can early Attach deadlines to things you delay


4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 21 Prioritize Do Delegate Delay Delete


4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 22 Organize

Learn when to say “NO”:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 23 Learn when to say “NO” You can’t do everything Don’t undertake things you can’t complete Remain consistent to your goals

Use your waiting time:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 24 Use your waiting time On public transportation At the office/Hotel/Meeting point. Waiting for your plane/Train/Bus When you are early

Use your waiting time:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 25 Use your waiting time Correspondence Letters or memos Books or tapes

Concentrate on the task at hand:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 26 Concentrate on the task at hand Focus on your goal Tune out interruptions

Consider your personal prime time:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 27 Consider your personal prime time Morning? Evening? Late night?


4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 28 Review Set goals Prioritize Organize Learn when to say “NO” Use your waiting time Concentrate on the task at hand Consider your personal prime time

PowerPoint Presentation:

4/28/2014 QUADIR MOHIUDDIN 29 Thank you

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