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RESUME PREPARATION By Mohammed quadir mohiuddin Faculty – dept. business studies Ibri college of technology CHAPTER 4


Introduction What is Resume? Resume is the first device that helps in making the first impression in the mind of the perspective employer . Definition of Resume Resume is a personal summary of experiences, qualifications and skills of a job seeker. It includes accomplishments, educational and personal background , work experience and interests .

What is there in Resume:

What is there in Resume Who you are What you know What you have done

Objectives of the Resume:

Objectives of the Resume To Present information about yourself. To show the seriousness in approaching the market place. To introduce yourself for the purpose of getting interview. Documentation for third party resources such as search firms. To act as a prompt script for meetings and discussions.

Differences between Resume and Curriculum Vitae:

A CV is usually long, often includes several pages . CV is more descriptive . CV is often used when applying for high profile jobs. Differences between Resume and Curriculum Vitae A Resume is short, however in many cases one page . A resume is brief description of the job seekers profile Resume is used in a variety of situations.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Resume includes summary of educational qualification, work experience and skills. CV includes the details of educational qualification, work experience , skills , awards, publications, projects , honors, memberships, affiliations and references.

Information to be included in a Resume:

Information to be included in a Resume Contact Information Include your name, address ( permanent and temporary, if necessary), telephone numbers and e-mail address . Career/Job Objective This is a brief statement (one or two lines) that indicates the type of employment /career that you hope to pursue. The objective must be customized to the position that you are seeking.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Educational Qualification Includes the name of degree/diploma, the name of the institution, the location of the institution and the duration of the study. If desired, Grade Point average (GPA) can be included. List 4 to 6 applicable courses as well as major projects. Projects should be outlined in 1 or 2 lines.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Work Experience Includes permanent, part-time , volunteer and other relevant positions. Indicate the job title, employment history , name and location of employer(s). Describe achievements, skills and knowledge acquired from positions.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Specialized Skills Highlight computer skills and list all hardware and software skills. Include language skills along with the fluency. Report any other special skills like Team work skills, Leadership skills

PowerPoint Presentation:

Activities and Interests List participation in clubs and professional organizations. Include volunteering experience. List non-controversial interests, particularly those relating to your field

PowerPoint Presentation:

References Include the professional contacts who can complement and validate the details of resume or CV. Ensure to include the full communication details (address, GSM and e-mail) of the referee . A reference notation such as ―available on request‖ is an option . A reference letter or testimonial is a letter in which the writer makes a general assessment of the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of a person and confirms details about that individual’s professional situations.

Types of Resumes:

Types of Resumes Chronological Resume This format of resume emphasizes on presenting the educational and experiences details on the basis of the date of occurrences. Generally the employment and educational histories are listed in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent information and working backwards .

Functional or Skill Based Resume:

Functional or Skill Based Resume This format of resume emphasizes on the most relevant skills and qualifications that can be drawn from education, work experience and extracurricular involvement. Skills are usually grouped according to the position sought. This type of resume helps fresh job seekers to present the skills required for the position

Combination Resume:

Combination Resume This format of resume is a combination of both the chronological and the functional resumes. Although it maintains a chronological format, relevant skills, knowledge and experience can also be highlighted throughout the resume.

Resume Tips :

Resume Tips Choose a format that is easy to read and organized. Make sure the format you choose is consistent throughout the resume. Don’t use more than two font styles with a size of 10 or 12. Focus on the accomplishments/skills relevant to the position. Make sure that the resume contains absolutely no typing, spelling or grammatical errors . Do not use corrective liquid or make handwritten changes. Print your resume on quality paper and printer.

Application OR Cover Letter :

Application OR Cover Letter Meaning of Cover Letter It’s an introduction of your resume to a prospective employer. It includes a brief outline of your objectives and previous work experience . The cover letter expresses your qualifications and interest for a position to a prospective employer

Points to remember while preparing the cover letter:

Points to remember while preparing the cover letter Keep the cover letter to one page within three or four paragraphs. Include your career successes and achievements. Always customize the cover letter for the position you are applying Try to imagine what the employer would like to hear about how you can contribute to the company. Do not state your salary expectations or previous salaries. Do not state what you expect from the company and the position

Cover Letter Format:

Cover Letter Format Full Address: Date: Full Address of the Employer/Company: Salutation: (Dear Sir/Madam or Respected Sir/Madam) Paragraph One: (Introduction ) State which position you are applying for and where you heard about the opening. If the position was advertised, refer to where it was advertised

PowerPoint Presentation:

PARAGRAPH TWO: (The Body ) Explain how your skills, experience and qualifications directly relate to the position. You can also include your personal traits and strengths that would be an asset for the job. Summarize why you are an excellent candidate for the position . PARAGRAPH THREE: (Conclusion) State that you would like the opportunity to personally discuss your qualifications in an interview. Indicate where and how you can be reached . CLOSING: (Sincerely or Yours truly or Respectfully yours etc ) Signature (Name) Enclosure: (list the documents like resume, certificates etc )

Example :

Example Xyz Oman tel building Near Oman oil Ibri – sultanate of Oman 12 th Nov 2012 Mr. Abdul Rahman Manager ABC Company sultanate of Oman Dear Manager, I would like to express my interest in a position as HR Manager for your company. As a recent graduate with HRM specialization and administrative experience. I believe I am a strong candidate for a position. You specify that you are looking for someone with strong skills. As am working with this position I have become a skilled manager with a variety of experience I would like to work with your company, and am confident that I would be a beneficial addition to your company I have attached my resume Thank you so much for your time and consideration Sincerely XYZ IBRI Sultanate of Oman E-mail: [email protected] Cell: 9447123

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