Shiitake Mushroom Kit- Grow Your Own Mushroom


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Shiitake Mushroom Kit- Grow Your Own Mushroom


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Shiitake Mushroom Kit- Grow Your Own Mushroom :

Shiitake Mushroom Kit- Grow Your Own Mushroom

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Shiitake is been a very popular mushroom type in most of the Asian countries for a long time. The scientific name of Shiitake is Lentinula edodes . It is an edible and medicinal mushroom and China is the first country where it was found for the first time. The Shiitake mushroom has different names such as black forest mushroom, fragrant mushroom, flower mushroom and Chinese black mushroom etc. Apart from food value, shiitake has high medicinal value also and this is the reason why shiitake mushrooms have been used to treat different types of respiratory problems, blood circulation problems, liver complicacy, weakness, exhaustion etc. According to some people shiitake has the anti aging property also.

Why Shiitake mushroom is so much popular?:

Why Shiitake mushroom is so much popular? Fresh and young Shiitake mushrooms are very popular for its meaty flavor and earthy aroma. Most of the delicious Chinese and Japanese dishes are almost incomplete without this mushroom option. Shiitake has been used in Korean and Thai dishes also. There are some cousins that prefer dried Shiitake because they have more flavors and if you are going to use dried Shiitake mushroom you should rehydrate it warm water for 15-20 minutes before cooking.

Use of Shiitake Mushroom Kits:

Use of Shiitake Mushroom Kits There has been a huge boom in shiitake mushroom production in global cuisines. Being a mushroom lover, have you wondered why it is so? Well, now anyone can grow Shiitake mushrooms at their home. Now there is no need of having a small garden or field outside for growing shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake mushroom kit has made it very possible and the entire process is so simple that anyone can do it. In order to grow mushrooms at home, all you need is indirect sunlight and Shiitake mushroom kit . This kit is highly effective for growing mushrooms and by using this kit you can easily grow your mushroom within a week and within 3-4 weeks you will be able to produce almost two pounds of mushrooms.

Description of Shiitake Mushroom kit:

Description of Shiitake Mushroom kit It is a complete shiitake mushroom growing kit which weighs 5.5 pounds. It contains high quality sawdust and a Chinese strain of Shiitake. One thing you should always remember that 50-60 degree Fahrenheit temperature is ideal for using this kit. It comes with wood chips and a details instruction about the using method. This kit has the mushroom making recipe also so that you can cook mushroom in your home. You just have to soak the mushroom blocks before using.

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A Shiitake mushroom kit could be the great gift for the mushroom lovers and the people who love to eat gourmet foods. It is a perfect choice for the chiefs who love to cook fresh shiitake mushroom which has excellent aroma. It is a great feeling when you can grow your food, cook it and enjoy it with all the members of your family. Buying shiitake mushroom kits is never been a problem because you can buy it from any local market or at . Learn more about Grow Mushrooms Kit