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Qilocks offer wide range of designer locks that comes in different variety and design that increase more safety of your valuable things


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Home and Industrial Security Tips-Qi locks :

Home and Industrial Security Tips- Qi locks


Your home is your sanctuary. It is a place where fond memories are made and relaxing evenings are spent after a busy day. Your home is a safe haven where you and your family most feel at ease. If your home is under-protected or you've had a recent burglary, this may compromise the security you feel in your own home . “ Home and Industrial Security ” is essential to keeping your house, employees and family safe from crime. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your home and family.

Some major safety locks are as categorised: :

Some major safety locks are as categorised: Keypad locks - The kind of door locks you are using for your residence or office play an important role to play in determining the level of safety, security and convenience. Instead of carrying a keychain loaded with different keys, many people are opting for keypad locks , which come with a number of convenient benefits

Benefits of keypad locks are- :

Benefits of keypad locks are- 1. Keyless entry and exit 2. Enhanced home safety 3. Changeable entry codes 4. Unique design 5. More safety for your kids

Combination locks:

Combination locks The combination lock is one opened not by a key but by the alignment of its interior parts in a definite position. It’s true that with combination door locks you get the convenience of having no key to carry around. The right type of lock will also make your door secured enough against the average thief. Combination locks are more suitable for interior home and office doors, garage doors, etc.

Benefits of combination locks are- :

Benefits of combination locks are- 1. Easy access 2. Lock your door or belongings away without needing a key 3. Simply change your combination 4. Fairly Secured

Biometrics locks:

Biometrics locks Biometric door lock are devices that allow you to unlock your door with the combination of a fingerprint and PIN. Biometric locks are locks that grant access based on a unique body trait of the person trying to open it. This can mean either your retina or your fingerprint.

Benefits of biometric locks are- :

Benefits of biometric locks are- 1 Quick Access 2 No Codes to Memorize 3 Ultimate Security 4. More Secure Than Traditional Locks 5. User Friendly 6. Makes Employee Management Easier 7. Eliminates problem of lost keys


Padlocks Padlocks are small and portable locks that have been used for several thousand years to defend against theft, unauthorized entrance. In the very broadest sense of the word, a lock is a device that keeps things valuables safe or restricts access to something that needs protecting .These locks are fitted to things like doors and cupboards and have two physically separate parts, One part is fitted to the frame and the other part of the lock fits into a rectangular hole in the door .


Qilocks Based in Scotland, Qi-lock s provide all this facility to their clients as this company have 15 year of experience in designing and manufacturing locks. Qi-locks has high quality solution to their customer. Choosing Qi Locks will guarantee that in obtaining the best and most durable products on market you will get the highest level of service

For more details-:

For more details- Contact us at - +44 (0)20 8906 6881 Website - http://www.qilocks.com/ Mail - [email protected]


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