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Key Issues for Social Media Champions:

Key Issues for Social Media Champions Example Questions Triggered by Social Media Key Issues for Social Media Champions Does our business get value from Social Media? Is Social Media really helping my business? How will we ensure an integrated view of the customer? How is social media aligned to the business? How can I get this key initiative prioritised? How can I ensure appropriate control over social media spend and risk? Are we investing our time and money appropriately? How should social media decisions be made? What should be the social media spend this year? Who owns social media? How do we manage social media investments? How do I get funding for this new project? Who needs to approve this project? Who is accountable for social media results? What happens when my experiment budget runs out? What regulations are relevant and how do we comply? What controls do we need in place? Where do I want social media champions to focus? What service levels should I expect from social media partners? What areas of social media governance should I approve? How do we measure and reward? Social Media Empowerment With Accountability TM

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