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slide 2: This book is a special report by Amy North author of the best-selling Devotion System program for women.

slide 3: When you meet “The One” you’ll probably be the happiest you’ve ever felt . . . but the idea of losing him to someone else may also be a terrifying thought for you. The good news: there is a way to keep your man happily monogamous By learning how to “cheat-proof” your relationship you’ll never have to worry about him leaving you or being unfaithful. There are certain things you can do to keep your man committed. From secret ways to release oxytocin to keeping the chase alive we’ve introduced you to a handful of tips and tricks that will keep him hanging by your side. When it comes to cheat-proofing a relationship however things get a little bit more complicated. To help you understand what you can do to keep him loyal I’ve broken this bonus book down into four sections. ● Why Men Cheat ● Components to a Lasting Love ● Signs That He’s Cheating ● Ways to Prevent Cheating

slide 4: Unlike what we see in the movies cheating and infidelity can happen in any relationship—weak or strong old or new. Perhaps what’s most surprising is that it’s not just the cunning vixens and handsome heartthrobs getting in on the action normal people do it too Sometimes people have affairs for love and other times it’s just about the sex. Regardless of the reason the consequences of cheating are just as hurtful to all involved off-screen as they are on- screen. Why Men Cheat

slide 5: The key to cheat-proofing your marriage or relationship is understanding why men cheat. While there’s no single explanation for why a man may choose to be unfaithful there are some common reasons and excuses that arise again and again. To Avoid Intimacy This reason can be confusing especially if your man is already in an intimate relationship with you. However psychiatrists have said that often men cheat to avoid real intimacy. Some men cheat on their partner because it provides them with an easy way to avoid relying on one person which by their logic means they ultimately avoid getting hurt. Ironic right They Crave Intimacy On the other end of the spectrum some men search for intimacy outside of their relationship. Since couples can drift apart over time some men find it easier to fulfil their sexualand intimacy needs by finding them elsewhere rather than talking with their partner about the decline in their shared intimacy. This is a prime example of why communication is so important

slide 6: Their Libido Needs a Boost In the beginning of a new relationship couples can’t seem to get enough of each other. However as time passes things become more comfortable between partners including sex. Some men cheat because they crave that newness and excitement again since they can’t get it from their partner they go looking elsewhere. That said there are ways to prevent this from happening and to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. They Crave Power Again I’m not saying this is a justifiable excuse but some men cheat because they feel that it empowers them in their relationship they have the upper hand by being unfaithful and therefore have less to lose. As a woman this may seem outrageous but studies have shown that this is how some guys defend their actions: It makes them feel manly. They Lack Willpower On the other hand men aren’t always as in control as you think. A common reason why many men cheat is simply because they lack the willpower to say no a beautiful woman comes onto them they’re weak and they go along with it. Instead of staying faithful to

slide 7: their partner they give into a sexual affair simply because the opportunity arose and they weren’t strong enough to say no. They’ve Done It Before Not every cheater is a repeat offender but chances are if your man has cheated—and got away with it—before then he’ll likely think he can do it again. In order to break this habit it’s crucial that he figures out what drove him to cheat in the first place. Who knows—he could be cheating simply because he only cares about himself or because your relationship lacks something important to him. They Want Variety This one is a tough truth to swallow but some men cheat just because they crave variety. Sure he may love the bones of you but since you’re just one person you can’t fulfill all his desires especially when those desires are to be with a variety of women.

slide 8: When it comes to a healthy long-term loving relationship there are certain mental and physical components that you need in place to make it last. To help cheat-proof your relationship make sure that these components are an everyday part of your lives together. When these key elements start to languor that’s usually when trouble arises. Kiss Daily Kissing is one of those intimate everyday activities that if done often and consistently will help ensure a long-lasting relationship. So often couples make it past the honeymoon stage and slowly stop Components Of Lasting Love

slide 9: kissing each other. To keep your relationship fresh and alive make a point to kiss your partner daily. A Loving Perspective It’s been proven that when you see your partner as the most handsome funny or smartt person in the room your relationship is more likely to last and be more emotionally satisfying. It can be hard to keep your eyes on only him but make a point to remind yourself how wonderful your man is and let him know how you feel about him. When you do it’ll work wonders on cheat-proofing your relationship. Keep Moving Forward Together This one is a big one. When relationships get stagnant it’s common for couples to break up cheat or at least consider the possibility of another lifestyle or partner. To keep your relationship on track it’s important that you and your man are always moving forward together. Picking up new interests exploring new places and trying new things together will help you grow both as individuals and as a couple.

slide 10: Love Your Life When you love your life those feelings show in your relationship. So many people let the little annoyances in life bring them down and without meaning to they allow that negative energy to creep into their love life. The trick is to focus on the positives and to find a way to fall in love with your life every day. To do so find your passions and practice them often. They will not only reflect positively in your relationship they will make it stronger. Keep Your Independence It’s easy to get wrapped up in spending all your time together early in the relationship and it’s during that time that you really get to know one another and bond. However to cheat-proof your relationship it’s important that both you and your partner have your own free time interests and hobbies. Spending every waking moment together will result in someone getting bored and when boredom breeds trouble arises. Encourage your partner to take on their own personal pursuits. Your individual interests will make you more desirable—and interesting—to one another. Encouraging Romance Where would any relationship be without romance Keeping the

slide 11: spark alive between you and your partner is crucial to cheat- proofing your relationship. Since romance and intimacy are some of the most important components of a romantic relationship you should always be looking to find new ways to keep your flame burning. It can be tough and requires an open mind but it’s totally worth it. Create Shared Interests A great way to stay connected with your partner is by having shared experiences and memories you can recall together. Couples that build a history together have something to lose which is why cheating is less likely to happen in their relationship. To get started pick an activity or a trip and do it together. Whether you go across the world or sign up for cooking classes trying new things with your partner is one of the best ways to keep your relationship exciting full of love and cheat-proof.

slide 12: One of the worst feelings in the world is the one you experience when you think that your partner may be cheating on you. What’s worse still is confronting him and him telling you he’s not cheating but your gut still says otherwise. When you think your man is cheating it can be a hard situation to face especially if you don’t have any concrete proof to support your hunches. However if your affair radar is up there are some tell-tale signs to keep an eye out for. Signs He’s Cheating

slide 13: His Routine Changes Handling an affair is a balancing act which means cheating partners have to count their minutes. If you notice that your man’s schedule or routine suddenly changes it could mean that he’s being unfaithful. Sometimes these small changes mean nothing more than life has given him a reason to be late or to enjoy something new. Nonetheless it’s something to be aware of. You should also pay close attention to how he acts when you ask about his day. For instance if you innocently inquire about his last gym visit and you can you almost see the wheels turning in his head: Did I tell her I went to the gym Is she trying to trap me in a lie then you may have a reason to believe he’s up to no good. Also note his body language. While your man entertains the possibility of you knowing the truth you may catch a glimpse of a strange faraway or fearful look in his eyes. If he is lost for words every time you ask him for simple details it could be because he’s scrabbling to recall the lies and excuses that he has made up. He Picks Fights or Stops Talking to You When a partner cheats it’s common for them to feel emotions like shame anger and guilt and to look for somewhere to displace those

slide 14: feelings. If you’ve noticed that your partner has been picking fights with you it could be their way of letting out their guilty feelings. Instead of carrying on this way get to the root of the problem by confronting him and asking why he’s being so argumentative. Also take note if communication between the two of you starts to fade. If your significant other is the kind of person who always has something to say and yet he’s become quiet or distant then it may be because your relationship is deteriorating or he’s scared of slipping up. This happens often when someone has had an affair or has made a shameful mistake. He Smells or Acts Differently Everyone knows this one is a cliché but clichés exist for a reason. If your partner is coming home smelling like a perfume or lotion that you dont wear then he’s probably been close with someone who does wear it. In addition to smelling different look for random hairs lipstick smudges and objects that clearly belong to another woman that may be kicking around your partner’s home car or office. A warning: don’t get too wrapped up in playing detective because if you’re mistaken digging for clues can be destructive.

slide 15: When someone spends enough time with someone new they begin to adopt their views or at least understand them. This can include anything from music and books to politics and social views. If your man becomes interested in things he hated or ignored before it could be because he is absorbing someone else’s interests. The same goes for speech. Humans have a habit of adapting our speech to those around us so keep an ear out for any unusual words or sayings that suddenly become part of his vocabulary. He Makes Excuses to Do Things on His Own If your partner suddenly and uncharacteristically has excuses to take his own car or wants to run errands on his own then it could be because he is up to no good. Whether it’s grocery trips or date nights if it seems like your spouse doesn’t want to do things in public with you it could be because he’s afraid that someone else may see. If you don’t live together and you notice that he no longer enjoys your surprise visits but rather gets annoyed by them it could be because he doesn’t want you around at certain times. Maybe he’s worried about someone else being there or you finding something that he’s forgotten to hide. Regardless of the reason if your man gets

slide 16: paranoid about you visiting then it’s time to get to the bottom of things. His Sex Drive Increases In committed relationships it’s not uncommon for your sex life to be a roller coaster of highs and lows. However if your partner has simmered down in the bedroom then suddenly has an insane sex drive it’s possible that his libido has been reawakened by someone else. Keep an eye out for any new sex moves or dirty talk that he may have picked up. Its also no secret that affairs can make people feel young and impulsive again and that those feelings can spill over into other behaviors. If your man suddenly shows an interest in hitting the town or partying like a 20-something-year-old it could be because he’s cheating on you. He Gains or Loses a Jealous Streak A common realization unfaithful partners experience is just how easily you could cheat on them. If you’ve noticed that your man is suddenly watching you like a hawk or accusing you of being too flirty with others it could very well be the result of him cheating. If

slide 17: he has cheated on you your innocent friendliness may suddenly start to antagonize him in ways it never did before. On the other hand let’s say your partner was once the type of guy who would get upset anytime another man checked you out or worried anytime you went out with the girls. Then suddenly he’s encouraging you to go out more or telling you how great it is when other men show interest in you. It may seem harmless but it’s also a red flag for cheating. If the idea of someone being interested in you used to send him through the roof he can now use those thoughts as a way to feel better about his affair. He Hides Things from You Have you caught your partner hiding his phone from you deleting messages or appearing paranoid any time you’re near it If so then the alarm bells should be ringing This kind of behavior is a clear sign that he is hiding something from you. Pay attention to the calls he takes behind closed doors and who he says has called or texted. His body language and defensive tone will tell you if something is going on. In addition to phone calls and messages pay attention to where he’s been spending his money. Whether it’s hotel bills meal receipts for

slide 18: two or gifts that you never received if you find this kind of evidence in his car or home then watch out. If your partner is leaving a paper trail that shows they are spending time in the company of another then you have every right to ask him who he’s been with. If he brushes off your questions or becomes defensive then you know something is up. His Friends Act Differently Towards You You were feeling close with his friends but lately they’ve been acting strange around you. Maybe they seem awkward or nervous or perhaps they’ve been avoiding you completely. If so it’s probably because they know something you dont know. How your man’s friends treat you speaks volumes. It’s one thing if they were never that friendly to begin with but another thing if they’ve flipped hot to cold on you. Also note if your man starts asking strange questions such as "What would you do if we broke up" or makes statements like “You’d be fine without me”. Those kinds of comments are key hints that he is considering ending things with you. Don’t let these slight remarks go unnoticed. Instead keep track each time he makes a comment like

slide 19: this and see if a pattern emerges. With the right puzzle pieces you may be able to catch your partner red handed. He Justifies Affairs Your best friends boyfriend is cheating and you share the news with your partner. To your surprise he becomes defensive when you tell him and says things like “Well he wasn’t happy anyways” or “People have affairs all the time”. This could be a warning sign of what’s going on behind your back too. After all condemning others for cheating would mean condemning himself too Cheating is a popular topic in today’s world and as much as that’s unfortunate you can also use it to your advantage. If your man brushes off the subject of cheating like it’s no big deal or gets awkward any time the topic comes up then you may have the answers you’re looking for.

slide 20: Now to get to the core of this bonus book: how to prevent cheating. As I mentioned earlier there is not one single reason why people cheat. The good news however is that there are a handful of powerful proven ways to prevent cheating from sneaking into your relationship. Before I jump into these tips keep in mind that the best self-defense against cheating is a great relationship. Like plants if you neglect your love life it will die. If you want to cheat-proof your love life then you need to do the work. Ways To Prevent Cheating

slide 21: Openly Communicate To prevent cheating in your relationship you and your man must talk to one another. It sounds simple but I don’t just mean “Good morning” or “What do you want to do tonight” Instead have honest conversations about how you’re feeling what you expect from one another and what is and isn’t working in your relationship. Never hold in your emotions bottling up your feelings is a recipe for disaster. Men aren’t mind readers so you can’t expect him to “just know” when something is bothering you or if you’re uncomfortable in a certain situations. Keep the communication lines clear and open. To have effective conversations with your partner it’s important to let him know that he can be open and honest with you about his thoughts feelings and desires as well. By assuring him that all judgements are set aside you’ll be giving him something he doesn’t have with just anyone: a safe outlet. Being the person he can rant to share secrets and explore his desires with makes you a valuable part of his life and that is a great defense against infidelity. Never Assume

slide 22: You know that old saying “When you assume things you make an ASS-out-of-U-and-ME” Well it’s true. To prevent cheating in your relationship you must first be clear on what both you and your partner consider cheating to be. To do this talk to one another and come to some clear agreements on what constitutes cheating. Initially partners may not have the same feelings and opinions on the subject so the distinction is crucial to knowing that your idea of unfaithful behaviour is being respected by your partner and vice versa. For example one of you may be okay with going out and getting close with a stranger on the dancefloor while the other may see this kind of behavior as inappropriate and unacceptable. Agreeing on how you will each handle others’ advances and how quickly you should tell one another about other romantic or flirty experiences can also help prevent emotional and physical affairs. Again one partner may think it’s okay to flirt with someone else while the other may see this as being unfaithful. What counts as an emotional affair usually varies from one person to the next so setting boundaries and discussing what is and isn’t acceptable behavior is vital to preventing this kind of betrayal.

slide 23: Appreciate Your Partner Take the time to appreciate your man every day even for the little things. In fact it’s usually those little things that mean the most. Even when you’re having a bad day make a conscious effort not to nag or belittle him for things he may unknowingly do that annoy you. Appreciation goes a long way when it comes to commitment. Since no one wants to be with someone that makes them feel bad or worthless on a regular basis expressing appreciation to your man is an effective way to prevent cheating in your relationship. As humans we want to feel loved and valued—especially by those we’ve chosen to share our life with. Make sure you tell your man how much he means to you. Be Intimate The key to protecting any romantic relationship is keeping your intimate life spicy. This means making time for one another having sex regularly kissing often touching as much as possible and talking comfortably about sex. In fact a great way to prevent cheating is by being open to new ideas and experimentation. Your

slide 24: man’s fantasies might not sound like your cup of tea but give them a shot and who knows you just might like them too. Even if you don’t grow fond of his desires he will appreciate your willingness to try them which in turn will make you even more admirable and loveable to him. Being willing to explore your man’s fantasies will give him no reason to look elsewhere to feel fulfilled and will show him how much he means to you. An open mind is key to a loving monogamous relationship. Be Romantic Similar to intimacy it’s crucial to keep the spark between you and your man alive romantically. This means taking the time to express your love and appreciation and to be intimate and have fun together. It only takes a small gesture to be romantic and show your man how much you care about him. For instance you could surprise him with dinner after a long day of work or rub his shoulders at the end of the day. These may seem like small actions but they speak volumes when it comes to showing him what he means to you and go a long way to cheat-proofing your relationship. Complimenting his looks praising his successes and recognizing his potential will do wonders

slide 25: for his confidence and happiness. It’s been proven that when partners feel good about themselves and their relationship the likelihood of either one looking for romance elsewhere is very low. Grow Together Since change is a constant it’s important to roll with what comes your way take on new challenges and try new things together. Keeping your relationship feeling fresh and alive is a powerful way to prevent cheating. If you ignore the inevitable toll of time and expect what worked in the first month of your relationship to still work years later your relationship could very well be doomed. A big part of growing with your partner is finding new things to do together. Be a part of the things your man enjoys doing in his free time bond over and create shared interests and spend quality time together. Keeping things interesting will lessen his likeliness to cheat. Avoid Jealousy In most relationships there will come a time when you question your man’s feelings or behavior towards someone else. As tough as it may be it’s important not to become angry or critical towards him or the person he gives attention to.

slide 26: Jealousy is a natural emotion but it’s also a toxic one that usually leads to self-pity and anger. Acting jealous towards someone that your man shows interest in will not win back his attention. Instead you’ll look immature and foolish and it’s also likely to push him further away. To shift your partner’s attention back to you focus on wooing him with your talents and capabilities. Give him a reason to love and value you by stepping up your game rather than threatening to leave or becoming critical. Being present and attractive works better than demonstrating fear or making threats especially when it comes to securing your guy’s commitment and preventing infidelity. Emphasize Commitment Although you and your partner are already in a committed relationship it’s still important to remind each other of the benefits of being a couple. You both have someone who knows you better than anyone else someone you have a shared history and life memories with someone you can rely on someone to grow old with.

slide 27: Reminding your man of the many reasons you both decided to commit to one another can revive nostalgic feelings and happy memories. Many times simply recognizing how lucky you are to have such a loving partner is enough to prevent infidelity long before it becomes an issue. Be a Good Girlfriend or Wife Being a good partner is a great way to prevent cheating or infidelity in a long-term relationship. This is because when your man’s needs are physically and emotionally met he won’t have as much—or ideally any—interest in looking elsewhere. Take a look at how well you meet his wants and needs and how well he meets yours. Make an effort to step up in the areas that are weak and communicate honestly about what you need from him to feel fulfilled and happy in return. You should always be your man’s number one go-to person for his emotional intellectual and physical needs—in other words his best friend. If you don’t provide these outlets for him it’s possible that he will look elsewhere. It’s human nature to pursue one’s needs and if our partner isn’t there in certain ways that’s when we seek them from others. This can sometimes be the basis for an affair whether it be emotional or physical or both.

slide 28: To be a good partner and successfully cheat-proof your relationship think of your role in the relationship as a job that you are applying for every day. Ask yourself why your man should keep you around and not fire you. What do you do for him that someone else cannot Is there anything you should be doing that you’re not Are there things that your man needs that you aren’t giving him Reevaluate your role as his girlfriend or wife and ask yourself what areas you can improve on and how you can be the best partner to the man you love.

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slide 31: This book is a special report by Amy North author of the best-selling Devotion System program for women.

slide 32: In a world in which courting has become archaic and quick encounters reign supreme texting is a great way to get to know someone. The beautiful thing about texting is that you can communicate with your crush or boyfriend without having to worry about forgetting what you were going to say stuttering or looking stupid. Since he’s not in front of you you have the chance to type out exactly what you want to say before sending it. Sounds easy right Think again As if flirting weren’t already hard enough perfecting the art of texting guys could be an Olympic sport Between worrying about sounding needy and the fear of coming off as immature deciding on the right text message can be a daunting task. What’s even more important than what you text him is how you text him. Finding the balance between overbearing and overly casual can be difficult—especially because men basically speak their own language. But fear not There are several tricks of the trade that make texting guys easier. Follow these tips and you’ll quickly be able to hold your own on your phone.

slide 33: Have a Killer Opening In order to catch his attention it’s important to have a great opening. A good way to do this is by asking a question—but not just any old question. Texting “How’s it going” isn’t going to get you far. Instead ask a question that shows your crush that you’re interested in him. For instance something specific about himself or what he’s been up to. The key is to make it easy for him to respond to you but not too easy that he can get away with a one or two word answer. How To Text Him

slide 34: Open ended questions are great because they make it easy to carry on a conversation so instead of saying “When did you get home last night” ask “How was the party last night” It will give him more room to work with and give you a better chance of asking follow up questions. Quick tip: Be wary of using too many words you should always aim to be direct. Be Original If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to impress and catch any guy’s attention it’s originality. In other words don’t send the same old kind of text that just anyone could send—spice it up This could be a witty observation or exciting news you’ve recently heard. Just be wary of trying too hard to craft the perfect text message. Guys can tell when something is forced and if it doesn’t feel authentic he’ll think you’re a fake. Quick tip: Above all if you can make him laugh you’ll not only have him responding to your messages but he will also want to hear more from you.

slide 35: Be Engaging Men love it when women are able to keep a lively conversation going. It not only shows him that you’re an interesting person but it also proves you’re easy to talk to. This means not only sending the right response but also making it easy for him to keep the conversation going. To do this ask him about something he’s done or that interests him. Not only will he enjoy telling you about himself but it’ll also show him that you listen when he talks. It’s also important to avoid taking the “easy out” by responding with a quick “LOL” or “HAHAHA” If he says something funny then keep the banter going with a witty remark. It’ll prove that you can keep up with his sense of humor and that you’re fun to chat with. If you need a conversation starter consider sharing a random fact you enjoy. At the same time avoid being too bizarre or serious. Taking a playful approach will keep him engaged with you. Quick tip: Being lighthearted doesn’t mean you can’t show your smart side too. The right combination of playful and witty says that you are intelligent but that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that’s an impressive quality to have.

slide 36: Be Flirtatious One of the easiest ways to let him know you’re interested is by flirting. Though this may not be the initial approach you want to take in your texts once you feel comfortable flirting with him make sure you do so in a fun exciting way—without giving away your feelings too much. The trick is to not make him think that you’re crazy about him because you don’t want to overwhelm him or make him feel smothered. Finding the right balance will have him feeling excited to talk to you and curious about your feelings for him. He’ll also be impressed by your confidence. An easy way to flirt with someone without coming off too strong is by teasing them. Again be careful not to take this overboard or he may start to consider you as “one of the guys”. Use winking emoticons and make cute innuendos to let him know that you’re excited to see him or to hint that things may get hot and steamy when you do. Quick tip: If you already have a texting relationship sending a sweet text saying “Hope you’re having a great day” or “Thinking of

slide 37: you :” will cheer him up and keep you on his mind. Since most guys have a positive reaction to the word “great” it’s a helpful word to use. More on this later. Be Interesting Similar to being engaging being an interesting person to chat with is key to keeping him texting. To do this most successfully the key is simple: have an interesting life This might sound vague but what I mean by this is: keep your life full and entertaining. By having a variety of interests hobbies and friends your schedule should be filled with fun plans. Being able to talk about those plans and the things going on in your life will show him that you’re a well- rounded person—that you’re not looking to depend on him for entertainment nor sitting around waiting for his texts. Instead he’ll feel lucky that you have time to even text him So let him know when you’re going out with friends going to a yoga class or watching a new movie. Show him you’re driven by talking about the things you’re passionate about and try to find a common interest between you. Even though you may not have time for an in- depth conversation about it he’ll look forward to talking to you about it in person.

slide 38: By keeping yourself engaged in various activities the positive energy you feel from a busy lifestyle will reflect in your messages. So be sure to talk about the awesome things you’re doing with your life—and remember: if your texts are boring he’s not going to respond. Take a look at these examples: A Boring Text: Him: Hey what are you up to today You: Nothing bored at home watching re-runs. A Good Example: Him: Hey what are you up to today You: Just got back from a camping trip yesterday so I’m taking it easy. I love being out there … I think people were made to sleep under the stars What are you up to See how the second response is much more interesting When you describe your actions he is provided with an image which will do four key things at once: 1. Give him a mental picture.

slide 39: 2. Describe something interesting that might lead to a conversation. 3. Show him that you’re not boring and tell him something you’re interested in. 4. Prompt him into talking about his own life and hobbies. Quick tip: You can also try asking him for his advice. Guys love to solve problems. If you ask for help he will feel valued and have the opportunity to fix the problem. Know When to End the Conversation It can be hard trying to wrap up a conversation but the first step is being able to realize when the convo is fizzling out. Nothing hurts a blossoming relationship like a dragged out conversation. Continuing to text him long after the conversation has run dry will only annoy him and make you seem desperate. To avoid this from happening and to keep him interested it’s important to end the convo at the right time. Quick tip: Take note if he seems to be the one always ending your conversations giving you one-word answers or failing to ask you questions— these are signs that you’re carrying on too long. If he is sending short responses then it could be that he’s answering you

slide 40: just to be polite. Keep him wanting more from you by avoiding this kind of dragged out conversations. Have a Thought-Provoking Send-Off Instead of ending the conversation with a quick “See ya” or “Later” leave the conversation open so it will be easy to chat with him again. You can do this by telling him that you’re looking forward to seeing him or by telling him something interesting that you’re about to do so he can ask about it later. If you’ve been hooking up or seeing each other you can really get him going by telling him that you can’t wait to show him the new lingerie you bought or by letting him know that you’re excited to see him. Quick tip: Leave an opening for him to ask you out by mentioning what you have planned and saying that it would be fun if he joined. If he isn’t too shy he may even show up. Be Yourself Even though you’re letting your thumbs do the talking you should still be acting like yourself. Texting is the 21st century’s chosen method of flirting so don’t hide behind your phone and pretend to

slide 41: be someone else and don’t stress yourself out trying to play mind games You should be talking to him just like you would in person and if it’s meant to be everything will fall into place. If he doesn’t like you for you he’s really not worth your time anyway.

slide 42: Don’t Be Too Needy The last thing a man wants is a woman who is too needy. If youre already showing signs that youre needy over texts then he will have no doubt that youre even needier in person. Your texts should be fun and breezy and should not make him feel like you want something from him. Sending messages like “Did you get my text” can be uncomfortable for both of you. Unless his phone was stolen yes he got your text and just didn’t feel like answering. Also avoid sending question mark texts “” if he doesn’t answer you. This kind How NOT To Text Him

slide 43: of message screams that you’re sitting around waiting to hear back from him. Quick tip: If you know he went out with the guys don’t ask if he hooked up with anyone or if got any new phone numbers. Even if you mean it in a playful or joking manner it’ll make you look jealous and obsessive. Don’t Be Too Eager It’s exciting if you’re hitting it off with your crush but being overly eager is sometimes a red flag for guys. Don’t overwhelm him with novels about your day when he asks how you’re doing. And definitely don’t bombard him with texts if he’s not responding. Double-texting is every guy’s worst nightmare. Your texts should let your guy know that youre into him and that youre a cool chick to talk to. Sending him multiple messages in a row will overwhelm him. When he does answer you be sure not to respond too quickly. Replying to a text message seconds after receiving it will make him think that you’re waiting to hear from him. Unless you are having a

slide 44: steady conversation don’t answer his texts right away. If he took an hour to reply to you then follow suit and do the same. You should also avoid using too many emoticons or exclamation marks. While the occasional winking or smiley face is okay sending messages with multiple emoticons or symbols will make it seem like you’re incapable of sending a well written text message which may even scare him off. Texting is an art form and much like you don’t want to splatter paint all over the Mona Lisa it’s not necessary to riddle your conversation with emojis and exclamation marks. Lastly don’t text him when you’re supposed to be having fun. If you told him that you’re going out dancing or to dinner with a friend you shouldn’t be messaging him. Don’t let him think that you don’t know how to have a good time because you’re too busy being glued to your phone—that’s a huge turn off. Don’t Embarrass Yourself The last thing you want to do when youre texting a guy you like is to completely embarrass yourself. Once you embarrass yourself through your texts it may be hard to strike up a conversation again—and even harder to build a relationship with him.

slide 45: To avoid any awkwardness between you do not reveal how you feel about him through a text message. Texting is the time to be cute and to further your relationship its not the time to pour your heart out. This is something you should do in person once the time is right. Telling him how much you like him via text will possibly make you look desperate and definitely suggest you’re afraid of having a real conversation in person. To prevent this from happening make a point to put your phone away anytime you drink. Since booze gives most of us loose lips and liquid courage it’s likely that you’ll spill your guts when you’re drunk. Worse than waking up with a hangover is having to read your embarrassing proclamation of your feelings for him. Lastly do not send him nude photos Even if your relationship has progressed and youve had some sexy time this is the stupidest thing you can do. Not only might he think youre too forward but if you dont know him that well he could turn out to be a creep and use it against you later. This can be a hard request to turn down— especially if you want him to like you—but instead gently refuse while keeping him intrigued by telling him he has to wait for the real deal.

slide 46: Whoever said “Never text a guy first” was so wrong Sure you shouldn’t have to always start the conversation but putting yourself out there and getting things started shows confidence. It can be hard to find a good conversation starter but as I mentioned the “What’s up” line has literally zero spark. Bold women can be really attractive to guys and it sets you apart by making you memorable. Whatever your texting style it’s important to step up to the plate and do your best to hit a homerun. Texts To Send Him

slide 47: If You Want to Flirt Flirting via text is ridiculously easy If you’re looking for cute text ideas without being too blatant or too forward about your intentions the following list should solve your problems. Quick tip: Make sure not to sound like a robot or overthink your text messages. Just be yourself and remember the goal is to show him your playful side. Stay casual and have fun “This Reminds Me of You.” Send this text with a cute picture to make your crush realize he’s on your mind. Don’t overdo it i.e. a picture of a wedding cake or he’ll think you’re obsessed. The picture could be anything from a mutual interest to an inside joke. “Miss Me Yet” If the two of you are friends send this text immediately after walking away from him to be cute. You can also try this message if you haven’t talked to him in over a week. The way he responds will tell you whether he actually misses you or not. As a bonus he’ll realize you’re missing him. If he doesn’t text back at all you can assume he’s not interested.

slide 48: “Hey I Had a Dream about You Last Night…” If he seems excited to hear this he probably assumes the dream was sexual and is interested in you. If he interprets your text as creepy he probably isn’t interested. You can get yourself out of this awkward situation by telling him the dream was about something mundane. “Wish You Were Here” Send this text when you’re on vacation or out with friends—any time you’re doing something fun and he isn’t there. He will assume that you find him to be fun as well but will realize that you being happy doesn’t depend on him being there don’t send this text when you’re alone doing nothing. Also make sure not to overdo this one as I mentioned being glued to your phone when you’re supposed to be having a good time can be a turn off. “Remember That Time…” Remind him of something that happened between the two of you. Hopefully it will make him laugh or smile and at the very least he’ll be thinking of you. “Drive Safe” This may seem like a simple un-flirty text to send at the end of the

slide 49: night but it really does mean a lot. It shows him that you care about his safety. “I Had a Lot of Fun Tonight.” Send this text after a date or after hanging out as friends. It will alleviate any nervousness or confusion on his part and hopefully he’ll text back that he had fun too “I Can’t Stop Thinking about Last Night.” This will show him that you’re attracted to him and he’ll feel flattered. If the night before was awkward or mundane you might want to hold off and save this text for a special or exciting night

slide 50: ● If he doesnt answer you back right away dont automatically think hes not into you. He could be busy doing something without his phone or his phone could be dead. Dont beat yourself up about it. ● Dont be shy. If he asks you "Hey what are you doing" dont say "Nothing." You should say "I’m about to go to insert destination here" or tell him something that you could be doing i.e. reading listening to records cooking etc. Texting Quick Tips

slide 51: ● If you dont know how to keep the conversation going ask if he wants to play 21 questions. This way you can get to know him more have a little fun talking to him and keep him interested. ● Always proofread your words It’s very important that you use good grammar and spelling when you text. If not it will give the impression that you’re lazy or unintelligent. Try to stay away from shortcuts like “l8r” later ty thank you etc. The shortcut “lol” laugh out loud isn’t the greatest response but it’s generally acceptable. ● Don’t have a serious or emotional conversation over text messages. These kind of talks should be kept for in person or at the very least in a phone call. ● Don’t argue over text message. Since neither of you can see one another you won’t be able to read each other’s body language or hear the tone of voice. Fighting by text messages always ends badly.

slide 52: Conclusion There you have it I hope you’ve found this cheat sheet helpful in your quest to perfect the art of flirty texting Check out my website for more tips and advice updated regularly. Good luck out there

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