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Koemmerling is renowned sliding windows manufacturers in India that offers two or more frames slide horizontally to prevent dust from settling down in the track. Download our brochure to know more details about sliding windows.


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Windows for Life

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Europe’s for PVC-U window profiles Number One KÖMMERLING is part of profine GmbH a large international group of window extrusion companies represented internationally. profine is number one in Europe for PVCU window and door profiles and is the market leader in many other countries as well. Argentina • Australia • Austria • Belarus • Belgium • BosniaHerzegovinia • Brazil • Bulgaria • Canada • Chile • China • Croatia • Czech Republic • Denmark • Ecuador • Egypt • El Salvador • France • Greece • Guatemala • Honduras • Hungary • India • Italy • Kazakhstan • Lithuania • Macedonia • Mexico • Netherlands • Nicaragua • Panama • Poland • Puerto Rico • Romania • Russia Serbia • Singapore • Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • Switzerland • Turkey • UK • USA •

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KÖMMERLING was founded in 1897 as a family business in Pirmasens Germany. In 1957 the first PVCU roller shutter profiles and ten years later the first PVCU window and door profiles were extruded. KÖMMERLING was one of the pioneers in the PVCU profile extrusion technology. The production of rigid PVCU sheets also started in 1967 . The headquarters for KÖMMERLING profiles and sheets are based in Pirmasens Germany. However additional extrusion plants have been set up in France Spain Italy Russia the USA and China. Subsidiary companies have been founded in many different countries on all continents including North and South America. The KÖMMERLING PVCU window systems fulfil the requirements of the American Standards AS 4420 and AS 2047 . The company’s quality management system was awarded the British Standards Institute BSI Certificate and the Spanish AENOR. It is evident that KÖMMERLING products are intentionally designed and extruded to meet the most stringent quality requirements. These technical requirements combined with those already described form the circle of quality established by KÖMMERLING. The level is main tained with regular checks on the quality of their profiles by way of the analysis of random samples taken from daily production. This ensures that their quality always accords with the highest of demands. At KÖMMERLING quality must meet the most stringent standards of the industry 100 of the time. This means extending quality control to the entire profile manufacturing process. Raw materials : • Granulometry • Humidity as . • Impurities. • Adhesive bonding capacity etc. Manufacture : • Jellification • Vicat temperature • Modulus of elasticity • Dimensions and tolerances etc. Completed profile : • Impact resistance • Xenotest for resistance to weathering • Strength of corners • Modulus of elasticity etc.

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Windows Beautiful Beautiful things are readily noticed. Indeed windows built from KÖMMERLING profiles are strikingly attractive and beautiful. They bring fresh aesthetic beauty to new and old buildings alike. The windows in your house ignite “the sparkle in your eyes” . PVCU windows from KÖMMERLING are built according to a carefully designed profile concept. This concept allows for many different window designs with the greatest variety. With KÖMMERLING products you can implement your very own personal style windows of all shapes and designs : rectangular polygonal round or extra large units. When it comes to making your ideas reality KÖMMERLING profile systems give you virtually unlimited freedom.

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and Wind Res How can we tell if a window has good performance values At present there are various European standards and tests which determine these characteristics in detail. KÖMMERLING tests the windows made with their profiles on a regular basis and always obtains the best possible results. For example a window measuring 1.20 x 1.20 m with profiles from the Eurodur system achieved the following results when tested: Air tightness Water tightness Wind resistance the quantity of air which passes through a closed window or door Classification EN 12207 : 2000 T est method : EN 1026 : 2000 Classification EN 1207 : 2000 T est method : EN 12208 : 2000 relative structural wind load resistance and deflection of the window Classification EN 12210 : 2000 T est method : EN 1221 : 2000 Qualification 4 Maximum degree of air tightness Qualification E750 Maximum degree of water tightness Qualification C5 Maximum degree of structural wind load resistance Test 8171 conducted by CIDEMCO. Ask KÖMMERLING about the complete test or download details from their Web page at Performance values of windows manufactured with KÖMMERLING profiles

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sistance KÖMMERLING PVCU window and door systems have been successfully used in swimming pools mari ne and ocean environments without deterioration of surface finish or performance. Resistance to driving rain and joint tightness are major assets of KÖMMERLING window and door systems. KÖMMERLING PVCU profiles fulfil the requirements of the American Standards AS 4420 and AS 2047 . The windows are watertight up to 450 PA N6. Due to their excellent material properties KÖMMERLING PVCU windows and doors are ideal for installation in buildings located in coastal areas. These areas typically have permanent exposure to strong wind heavy rain and salty air. The windows have passed several severe tests designed by official institutions. All window types are capable of withstanding the tests specified in AS 4420.2 and AS 4420.6 rating N3 and N4. This makes KÖMMERLING profiles suitable for highrise buildings. Maximum water tightness

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Protect your house with excellent Thermal Save on energy costs and improve your quality of life. Nowadays whether used for old or new buildings windows are rated in terms of specific measurable construction and physical characteristics. One particularly significant feature is their ability to protect you against heat. Inefficient windows are one of the main reasons why a building faces substandard insulation. PVCU windows by contrast not only help you to save money because greater thermal insulation means reducing energy consumption for either cooling or warming of your house but also contribute to reducing the harmful emissions polluting the environment. Even very tough climatic conditions such as extreme temperatures or saltladen sea air cannot stop PVCU windows from doing their job. They don’t even need timeconsuming laborintensive care. Their long lifespan dimensional stability and robust surface ensure that you will enjoy your PVCU windows for a long long time. The new national and European laws in line with the Kyoto Protocol are aimed at reducing CO 2 emissions into the atmosphere. One way to do this is to reduce the use of heating. So how do we do that By improving the insu lation systems for buildings. In that respect PVCU has proved to be the ideal material for windows and doors and the best insulator to achieve this objective. For example the values required by the European Standard ISO 100771 are as follows : Thermograph of a section of a window with KÖMMERLING profiles. Compliance with the new legislation Frame U f value material W/m 2 K Aluminium 3.5 60 mm Aluminium with thermal bridge 2.0 60 mm Wood 1.5 60 mm PVCU 1.3 70 mm PVCU 1.5 58 mm The value U is a measurement of the insulating value of a material being a reflection of the heat loss which is transferred through a unit. PVCU profiles are by far those with the smallest amount of energy to escape.

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rityWhen it comes to windows - play safe The number of breakins is constantly increasing. Burglars usually find their way in via the windows even during daytime.To make things as difficult as possible for such unwelcome “guests” you should play it safe especially with windows. You can achieve very effective protection against such unpleasant surprises thanks to KÖMMERLING PVCU window profiles. KÖMMERLING sashes and frames are made of stable high impactresistant multichamber PVCU profiles with integrated steel reinforcement. Highly effective security hardware combined with special glass provide the maximum achievable security for your windows. In addition lockable handles are available and also a great choice for households with small children.

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for Protection against Noise The insulation requirement for the window depends on the use of the building and the level of outside noise a moderate reduction in noise intensity will be per ceived as a major reduction in the sensation of noise. Windows installed with KÖMMERLING profiles result in reductions of up to 45 dB depending on the type of glazing used. Reduction by 10 dBA : Sensation 1/2 of previous noise Reduction by 30 dBA : Sensation 1/8 of previous noise Reduction by 50 dBA : Sensation 1/32 of previous noise The need for noise insulation

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Noise stress can be a major cause of illness. It not only damages one’s hearing it also leaves persistent marks on the human psyche. For many years effective protection against undesired noise has not merely been a matter of comfort but a decisive issue in health pro tection. Since windows are – literally the thinnest parts of a building’s shell they play a decisive role in the acoustic absorption values of your house. Especially in buildings located alongside roads with heavy traffic or in the close vicinity of airports efficient noise insulation is a critical requirement. The usual procedure in such locations is to install multipane insulated sealed glass units. Even better sound absorption values can be reached by using special composite laminated glass. The relationship between physically measurable noise levels and the way they are perceived by the human ear can be roughly summed up as follows : ambient noise made 10 dB quieter halves the human perception of this noise 10 dB lou der doubles this perception. Heavy traffic generates a noise level of around 7580 dB. By fitting PVCU windows combining KÖMMERLING highgrade multi chamber profiles and special insulating glass you can reduce this noise by up to 45 dB and thus only perceive 1/24 of the outdoor noise inside the house. Traffic noise is almost completely muted and calm is maintained. Even around major airports sleep will no longer be disrupted thanks to this noise reduction technology. the sake of your health

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Let’s build the future together For more than a century KÖMMERLING has invested its knowhow and resources in research and innovation. Its products are designed to help improve quality of life for the homeowner. Advanced technology has enabled KÖMMERLING to offer products of exceptional quality.The KÖMMERLING brand has in the past and continues to lead the European market for PVCU window and door profiles. As an industry leader KÖMMERLING goes further and embraces the responsibilities of an industry that is faced with the challenges of preserving a balanced and harmonious environment. The greenline ® concept has been developed out of concern for the environment and perfected with the purpose to preserve natural resources by working to accomplish three mutually beneficial objectives : • To ensure ongoing improvements of the window system’s performance through increased thermal insulation with a reduction of energy consumption and improved sound insulation. • To recycle the basic raw materials PVCU glass and steel and to reuse them in the production cycle – with an improved efficiency through a lower consumption of raw materials and energy. • To optimise the use of raw material components and refine the product ensuring longevity with an increased lifespan of PVCU profiles. Since 2001 all KÖMMERLING window door and roller shutter profiles have been produced exclusi vely with calciumzinc instead of lead ingredients. Calciumzinc is a new type of stabiliser. It makes PVCU profiles more resistant to weather conditions and since 2003 is produced inhouse. With the creation of the greenline ® brand KÖMMERLING continues to pursue a philosophy of excellence in an effort to help ensure human health and preserve the environment. In European countries such as Denmark Switzerland and Austria the use of lead based sta bilisers is already prohibited. Similarly in Australia leadstabilised windows and door profiles will be outlawed as of January 2008. In North America the legislation to keep PVCU window and door profiles lead free has been in place for many years. Considering the health and environmental hazards of lead most homes in a few years will have to be equipped with lead free windows and doors. People’s homes will gain and maintain their value if equipped with greenline ® windows Choosing calciumzinc stabilised profiles for windows is a smart decision that will benefit everyone

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greenline ®

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profine GmbH KÖMMERLING KUNSTSTOFFE P .O. Box 2165 D-66929 Pirmasens Germany Phone: +49 6331 56-2462 Fax: +49 6331 56-2253 profine is one of the world’s leading PVCU window extrusion companies. It is also member of the European Union Standardisation Committee for window profiles. The company holds quality certificates for its profiles from all countries in which it maintains a presence. Some examples are : 2 34 130 046 0707 .II