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Send unlimited notification to your website's subscriber either they are active on your site or not. Sign up for push notification services through Pushalive.


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What is Pushalive ?:

What is Pushalive ? The brand new marketing opportunity in 2016 that allows you to literally send a simple notification on one's desktop browser or the Mobile at practically the click of a button. No hassles of adding credit cards to ad  accounts. No worrying about emails landing in spam boxes. A simple list of curetted subscribers, who want to hear from, and get a simple notification that does just that . Which brings us to  PushAlive , a tool that does just that! Think of your website as an App, and PushAlive as a means to send your subscribers a push notification as many times as you want, when you want, about different offerings, discounts, offers, articles and a host of other updates.

How it works ?:

How it works ? User visits your website and gets Subscribe Panel. User clicks on Subscribe Button. Browser asks for confirmation (Firefox /Chrome). User gets first Notification of Confirmation. User gets Subscribed to your account. User will get Notifications whenever you will send it via Pushalive Control Panel.

User clicks on “Subscribe Button”:

User clicks on “Subscribe Button”

Browser asks for confirmation (Firefox /Chrome):

Browser asks for confirmation (Firefox /Chrome) If Firefox Browser: User clicks on “Always Receive Notification” If Chrome Browser: User clicks on “Allow” Button

User gets first “Notification of Confirmation”:

User gets first “Notification of Confirmation”

Steps to get Push Notification Service:

Steps to get Push Notification Service Free Sign-up to Pushalive as Vendor. Login to Pushalive Control Panel. Copy and Paste Installation Script Code from Setting to your website . Send New Notification to your website subscribers. Subscriber Receives your Notifications. Check out Campaign Manager. Check out Subscriber Details. Check out Dashboard Home Page.

Free sign-up to Pushalive & Login to Control Panel:

Free sign-up to Pushalive & Login to Control Panel Fill the form & Register: https://pushalive.com/Request_vendor.aspx Log-in to Pushalive Control Panel: https://pushalive.com/Login.aspx

From Setting copy “Script Code” to your Website Pages:

From Setting copy “Script Code” to your Website Pages If you have Wordpress website you can download “ Wordpress Plugin ” to copy “Script Code” automatically by installing Plugin to your Wordpress website.

Send New Notification to your website subscribers:

Send New Notification to your website subscribers Create a Campaign and Enter Title, Message and Click on “Push Notification” button to send Notification. Select UTM Campaign to track your campaign with Google Analytics. Select Advance Option to send Notification to Selective Subscribers & change Logo. Enter Campaign Name Enter Title Enter Message Enter URL to click

Subscribers Receive your Notifications:

Subscribers Receive your Notifications Your subscribers receives your notifications even they are NOT on your website both on desktop/mobile devices. Desktop Screen Mobile Screen

Check out all Campaigns in details:

Check out all Campaigns in details Total Attempted Total Delivered Total Click

Check out Subscriber Details:

Check out Subscriber Details

Control Panel Dashboard Home Page:

Control Panel Dashboard Home Page

Pushalive Push Notifications Benefits :

Pushalive Push Notifications Benefits Send notifications to Mobile, Tablet & Desktop like an APP. Engage with your Website users and increase your revenue. Track users based on Region, Country etc. Send notifications even when they are not on Website It is 10-15 times more effective than email marketing Track CTR using inbuilt feature or using UTM. Support for Firefox & Chrome Browsers Live Demo are available before Sign-up Segmentation Option (Location Based targeting) WordPress Plugin is available. Global Targeting 10 Times Better CTR than Email Marketing.


Lets Get started Visit: www.pushalive.com Thank You. Write us on: [email protected] [email protected]