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If your kid's birthday is coming and want to do something special for your kid on that day then hiring a princess birthday character could be the best option for you. We at Pure Imagination Party company offer amazing princess characters that make your child's birthday memorable and add extra fun to your party. Check out our website for Cinderella, Rapunzel, Frog Princess, Arabian Princess, and many more princess party characters. Visit now


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Party Characters For Hire:

Party Characters For Hire Pure Imagination Party Company

Princess Party:

Princess Party The Princess will greet the birthday girl and her guests and sit down with them to tell her story and sing a few of her songs in context of the story. You may also opt to skip the storytelling and just do a sing-a-long of a few of the princess's main songs if you wish this activity to be shorter . All of our princess performers are professional singers and actresses!


Having a Halloween Party for kids? Choose from the following activities. All activities would be performed as time allows and we will build the party package around your preferences. Some activities vary character by character, so send us a  contact form  if you have any questions or would like to check a date!  Halloween Party Entertainment

Mascot Parties :

Mascot Parties The character will enter the party, accompanied by a party host, and greet the birthday boy or girl and all of their friends. Next, the party host and mascot will lead the kids in some themed activities. For our mice and Patrol Pup mascots, this consists of  dancing with dancing props (Ribbons, Bells, Scarves)  to songs like "The Clubhouse theme song," "The Hot Dog Dance, "Patrol Pup theme song," "Pup Pup Boogie,"  and other themed music.

Galactic Party Characters :

Galactic Party Characters Children will learn how to fight the dark side, and will each received a practice light saber (made from a pool noodle) to use for this activity. They will learn some simple Light Saber choreography and have the opportunity to battle one at a time and perform for their family and friends!

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