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That is why it is important to keep watch and know our level of HDL cholesterol. https://www.puregemcofitnessapparel.com/blogs/blog/healthy-meal-guide-a-collection-of-heart-healthy-foods-that-promote-good-hdl


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Puregemco Fitness | What is Good HDL

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High-density lipoprotein or HDL is the type of good cholesterol which actually needed by our body. Initially when we hear cholesterol people tend to think that it’s bad or probably mistook it as high cholesterol. But cholesterol isn’t that bad. Actually our body needs cholesterol because it is an essential fat. It maintains the stability of the body. As it cruises in the bloodstream it removes extra cholesterol in your arteries or plaque that might have been build up in that part of your system and then sends it to your liver – in which your liver will expel it entirely out of the body.

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Did you know that as we age the cholesterol level rises That is why it is important to keep watch and know our level of HDL cholesterol. Experts believe that it is important to raise the HDL because it can act in many helpful ways. Here are some of the main functions of HDL cholesterol and how it helps the body and guards your heart.

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● HDL acts as a vacuum cleaner that removes the LDL or the “bad” cholesterol in the body by excreting it to the liver. ● HDL acts as an antioxidant so having a high-level of HDL can bring anti-inflammatory effect that is associated in reducing heart disease. ● HDL also lowers the risk of dyslipidemia obesity diabetes and metabolic syndrome. ● HDL serves as a support and maintains the inner walls of the blood vessels. It scrubs the walls and keeps the blood vessel clean. If you have damaged inner walls it may cause a risk of heart attack and stroke.

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Puregemco Fitness | What is Good HDL