Puregemco Fitness 101: Knowing Your Body Type

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Have you ever wondered the type of body you have? https://www.puregemcofitnessapparel.com/blogs/blog/fitness-101-knowing-your-body-type


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Puregemco Fitness 101 Knowing Your Body Type

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Do you know what your body type is A lot of people are concerned with their shape thinking that they need to cut their meals in order to get a smaller waist toned abs and sexily-shaped legs. But have you ever wondered the type of body you have We are not referring to slim or obese body type because the shape of our bodies is more than just the usual categorization of what we see from the slim-as-a-model type and curvy ones.

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ECTOMORPH People who fall into this category are recognized with lean and long body features. These are the naturally-skinny type in which no matter how much they eat their weight stays quite the same with the slightest chance of becoming plump. Recommended Workouts You need to give attention to building up your mass or muscle by keeping your cardio exercises to the minimum.

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ENDOMORPH You are an Endomorph if you have around body features that is relatively characterized of a wide waist. People with this type of body have a large bone structure or are naturally bigger than the others. Recommended Workouts Do some sprints box jumps and hypertrophy training. Most trainers suggest not to be misled by crunches or jogging but rather focus in high-intensity workouts.

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MESOMORPH Among the body types this is what most people would want to have because if you’re a mesomorph that means you have a naturally fit body. This body is characterized as naturally lean naturally muscular and with a medium-size bone structure. Recommended Workouts Being a mesomorph might seem worry-free but you must not be overly contented and rely on your naturally athletic built. You have to exercise and set a well-balanced workout in order to prevent from falling out of form.

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Whether you are an Ectomorph Endomorph or a Mesomorph type do not give up on your workouts. Everyone has the potential to possibly shape and turn your physique into what you want. Just keep in mind that it is paramount to have a daily dose of exercise and proper diet in a combination of the new knowledge you’ve gained about your body type in order to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle