How ISO 17024 Auditor E-Learning Course Works?

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Our Online ISO 17024 Auditor Training Course give you the chance to learn at your own pace. ISO 17024 auditor training course is an online certification course designed to become ISO 17024 auditor for requirements for a body certifying persons.Learn How Punyam Academy's ISO 17024 auditor training E-learning Course works.. For more learn about ISO 17024 auditor training E-learning course visit :


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ISO 17024:2012 Internal Auditor Training Online E-Learning Course

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This ISO/IEC 17024 auditor training course is developed and brought to you by Punyam Academy , an ISO/IEC 17024 accredited training provider company. This online course for auditors helps the user to gain knowledge and understanding of various audit activities like Audit Techniques, Audit Process, and Audit Requirements, etc.  The ISO 17024 internal auditor training course helps users to learn everything that an ISO 17024 certified auditor needs to aware about auditing a system.  Description

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Knowledge of ISO 17024:2012 Documentation Requirements Internal Auditing Skills Goal

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Cost & Time Efficient Fast & Effective Convenient & Flexible Anywhere & Anytime Training With

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All content is well described with explanatory audio to understand the subject well. E-learning with Audio Presentation Appear session exams & one final exam to review your knowledge & complete the course. Sessions and Final Exam Handouts as well as Audit Checklist to Download for future reference during organization’s audit process. Handouts in PDF Format After passing the exams, user can download/ print training certificate, which can verify anytime on website. Training Certificate Modules of E-Learning Course

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Course Objective Familiarize with ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation principles. Understand the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 requirements clauses and sub-clauses. Know about leadership, planning, and support clauses. Understand, maintain and retain documented information list. Know about the types of auditing and questioning techniques.

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Benefits This training kit will also help your company personnel in ISO 17024 registration and surveillance audits. It is easy-to-learn and user-friendly and complies with all ISO 17024:2012 requirements for quick ISO 17024 training. You can easily customize the ISO 17024 PPT slides and also add audio in the local language.

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Who Should Attend ? All ISO 17024:2012 Standard professionals, who are involved in developing, establishing and maintaining a Conformity Assessment which meets ISO 17024:2012 requirements, Individuals interested in conducting, managing, or participating in first-party (internal) audits, ISO 17024:2012 Managers, Consultants,

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