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Grading Rubric for Advisory : 

Grading Rubric for Advisory Accountablility

Academic SSR- 20 minutes : 

Academic SSR- 20 minutes 4= reads the entire period (4 √’s). 3= reads most of the time (3 √’s). 2= reads half the time (2 √’s). 1= reads ¼ of the time (1 √’s). 0= does not read or is ABSENT (0 √’s).

Citizenship for SSR : 

Citizenship for SSR 4= reads silently without any disruption. 3= Disrupts class ONCE during reading. 2= Disrupts class twice while reading. 1= Disrupts class 3 times. 0= Disrupts class 4 times. Blank box when absent


TUTORING 4= uses entire time to work on school work. 3= uses ¾ of the time to work on school work. 2= uses ½ of the time to work on school work. 1= uses ¼ of the time to work on school work. 0= ABSENT or spends none of the time working on school work.

Academic Check-in : 

Academic Check-in 4= Taking 100% responsibility for grades: (Fills in ACI form with correct gradess because is talking to teachers, keeps progress grades, understands what needs to be done to improve.) 3= Fills in classes and possible grades on ACI form but needs help in planning improvement. 2= Fills in classes on ACI form but is unaware of grades being earned in classes, needs help in planning improvement. 1= Does not fill in ACI, unaware of current grades, does not act on improving grades. 0= Does not fill in ACI due to absences.


TRAVEL 4= passing ALL your classes 3= passing ALL but ONE of your classes. 2= failing 2 classes 1= failing 3 classes 0= failing 4 classes

Advisory Rubric : 

Advisory Rubric

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