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Pueblo Magnet High School :

Pueblo Magnet High School Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year!

Welcome New Warriors :

Welcome New Warriors New Warriors Dr. Augustine Romero - Principal Betsy Shepard – Spanish Alma Carmona-Alday - Assistant Principal Ray Unger – Math* Ginger Arzani – Social Worker Elise van der Zee – English Mark Bejarano – Health William Wiggins – Ex Ed Inclusion Sharett Brown – English Hannah Yoder – Math Robert Daoust – Visual Arts *NOTE: Mr. Unger joins the Math Department as a Geometry/Financial Math Teacher Veronica Encinias – AVID Abel Escalante – Science Cathy Gastelum – English Unfilled Positions Manny Galvan - English Ex Ed CBI Kate Gilbert – American Hist/Gov ’ t English Abbe Gore – Communications Media French Roberta Kurtz – Ex Ed Inclusion Integrated Biology Natiely Mungia Nuñez – Spanish Dance Ray Pritchett - PE Economics Gene Seymour – Math Alternative to Suspension

TUSD ELA & Math Roll Out: Purpose:

TUSD ELA & Math Roll Out: Purpose To promote a higher quality of education for our students by introducing a curriculum that is more Intellectually Demanding (Challenging) Culturally Responsive (Relevant) Consistent (articulated K-12) And to meet the goals established by the Strategic Plan Curriculum Audit Unitary Status Plan


Questions Write 3-5 words or phrases that describe the kind of intellectual projects in which you want our students to engage. How does equity impact intellectualism? How does Maslow ’ s Hierarchy of Need enhance our understanding of intellectualism?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need:

Maslow ’ s Hierarchy of Need Figure 10. Maslow ’ s Hierarchy of Needs

Intersections of Intellectualism:

Intersections of Intellectualism

Standards and Student Equity:

Standards and Student Equity

Math Pyramid Curriculum Development:

Math Pyramid Curriculum Development

ELA Pyramid Curriculum Development:

ELA Pyramid Curriculum Development

Scope and Sequence:

Scope and Sequence

Math Map:

Math Map

ELA Map:



Intent These Standards are not intended to be new names for old ways of doing business. They are a call to take the next step. It is time for states to work together to build on lessons learned from two decades of standards based reforms. It is time to recognize that standards are not just promises to our children, but promises we intend to keep. — CCSS (2010, p.5)

PowerPoint Presentation:

Contract Time Wednesday PD Calendar of Events (SharePoint) School-Wide Information Professional Development Ki:s and PLCs P-Squared Data Library and Resources Discipline Facility Use Keys and Parking Safety and Security Maintenance and Work Orders Attendance Schedules Restorative Practices New Teacher College Textbooks Augustine Romero Joel Bacalia Transformative Pedagogy & Academic Achievement Alma Carmona- Alday Community, Advance Learning, & Associated Academic Projects Frank Rosthenhausler Educational Environment & Associated Academic Projects

PowerPoint Presentation:

Supplies and Ordering Teacher Credentials Fieldtrips Joys and Sorrows Fund Substitutes Emergency Lesson Plans Teacher Leave Time Facility Use Requests Keys and Parking Work Orders Sports Packets Student Bus Passes Class Rosters Schedules Laura Fennema Office Manager Manuela Quevedo Sub Coordinator Marina Ordonez Registrar Susie Ugalde-Vazquez Admin Secretary

PowerPoint Presentation:

Student Finance Textbooks ID Cards Central Receiving Copies Audio Visual Tech Website Mailings Student Services Support Groups Youth on their Own 504 ’ s Testing Discipline Student Services Rosa Pizano Business Manager Adalberto Rodriguez Media Specialist Veronica Vironet Learning Supports Coordinator Ginger Stevenson Arzani Social Worker

Leave Time and Class Coverage:

Leave Time and Class Coverage PARTIAL DAY ABSENCE: Partial day absence is discouraged unless where unavoidable such as emergencies and school business (fieldtrips and coaches). Teachers are asked to take at least a half day off as subs cannot be secured for less than a half day. Due to a very limited Loss of Planning budget, LOP will only be paid in the event of emergencies and at the discretion of the Principal. Teachers are asked to arrange to trade coverage for each other within their departments when less than a half day of coverage is needed. The teacher needing coverage is to notify the Substitute Coordinator (see policy for procedure).  

Leave Time and Class Coverage::

Leave Time and Class Coverage: UNPLANNED ABSENCE DUE TO ILLNESS OR OTHER EMERGENCY: Call the Substitute Coordinator at 225-4313 any time prior to 6:00 a.m. each morning. Do not, under any circumstances, arrange for a substitute on your own. Leave your message on the answering machine.   Provide adequate lesson plans for the substitute teacher. All teachers are expected to provide emergency lesson plans to the Substitute Coordinator no later than August 15 th . If you will be absent for a second day, call the Substitute Coordinator before dismissal time of your last class.

Leave time and class coverage::

Leave time and class coverage: PLANNED ABSENCES: If your absence is a planned one, notify your department chair person and your evaluating administrator as far as possible in advance of the absence date. Use of personal leave must be approved by your immediate supervisor/evaluator. Complete the Request for Time off Form and submit it to your evaluating administrator for approval. While only 24 hours notice is required, it is advisable to allow a minimum of 48 hours for the processing of the request and the securing of a sub.

Leave Time and Class Coverage::

Leave Time and Class Coverage: RELEASED TIME: Release time must be submitted when attending meetings, school functions and athletic activities off campus whether a substitute is needed or not. Requests for local events must be submitted to the Office Manager at least two weeks prior to the event. Out of town requests must be submitted for approval two months prior to the anticipated date of travel. If a Released Time is generated from another site or department, please notify the Substitute Coordinator so we can arrange for coverage for you.

Requesting a Substitute:

Requesting a Substitute Manuela Quevedo is our Substitute Coordinator Please call her at 225-4313 well in advance of your absence whether or not you need a substitute. ( NOTE: Please DO NOT email or leave notes on Substitute Coordinator ’ s desk as these methods do not allow ample time to receive the message and arrange for the substitute. Voice mail is checked from her home after hours.) Fill out the Request for Time Off Form prior to your absence. Sign the pink absentee form the day you return to work. Submit an emergency lesson plan to Manuela by Friday, August 15 th to keep on file.

Student Schedule Change Policy:

Student Schedule Change Policy Take attendance in Mojave, not from hard copy. Check Mojave rosters carefully every class period, every day! Do not send students out of your class to the counseling office . Students can go to counseling office before or after school or during lunch to make an appointment. If a student is not on your Mojave roster, send them to the office. Students on your roster MUST STAY IN CLASS UNTIL THEIR SCHEDULE IS CHANGED . If you feel a student is misplaced, email Alma . If a student is in your class, but not on your roster, send the student to the office to pick up an updated schedule. A schedule change is not an intervention – check policy.

PowerPoint Presentation:


PowerPoint Presentation:

  In the Classroom In the Hallways In All Outside Areas &Cafeteria In the Restrooms At Events P ersonal Responsibility Attend class daily Be on time all day Wear your ID all day Keep electronics in your backpack Bring proper supplies Follow dress code Throw trash in trash cans Keep moving and follow the flow of traffic Throw trash in trash cans Have an appropriate hall pass and return it to a designated location Have ID ready Eat in designated areas Pick up after yourself Throw trash in trash cans   Leave your space clean Practice personal hygiene Throw trash in trash cans   Be a good sport Throw trash in trash cans   R espect Be an attentive listener Use classroom property appropriately Follow classroom rules and policies Use appropriate language Watch and listen to Warrior News and Radio daily Throw gum in trash cans Keep appropriate voice level Hold doors for others Throw gum in trash cans Use appropriate language   Patiently wait your turn Stand in single file line Be polite to cafeteria staff Use appropriate language Throw gum in trash cans   Use during passing period Get teacher permission before using restroom Throw gum in trash cans   Model ‘ Pueblo Pride ’ Use appropriate language Throw gum in trash cans   I ntegrity Appreciate diversity Value each others ’ property Be honest and sincere Follow the Honor Code Appreciate diversity Honor the time Report any concerns to hotline number at 225-4326 Appreciate diversity Turn in lost/found items Report incidences that are of concern Use in a timely manner Value school property D esire to Learn Complete your work Do your personal best Stay focused and avoid distractions Ask for help when needed Move to class with a purpose Stay out of the hallways during class time Move to class when bell rings Use only when appropriate Try something new E nthusiasm Be an engaged learner Show pride in your work Be a leader Take an interest in your class subject Participate in Warrior Read and Write Smile and say hello Be aware of school information and upcoming activities Participate in lunchtime activities Enjoy your time with friends   Be positively involved Have spirit  

P2 Recognition/Donations:

P 2 Recognition/Donations Student-student: Peer Recognition Teacher-student: P2 Card Staff-Staff: Awesome Staff Card Student-Staff: Awesome Staff Card Pueblo Warrior Band Donations If you have any donations or know someone that can help with donation of (gifts and donations, please send us the information).

Maintaining Ethical Boundaries:

Maintaining Ethical Boundaries Curricular Emotional Relationship Power Institutional Financial Communication Temporal Expertise

Maintaining Professionalism:

Maintaining Professionalism Learn about backgrounds and interests Conversations tied to the material Activities that allow for bonding Positive vocal encouragement Use humor and be light-hearted

301/PLCs-Part A:

301/PLCs-Part A 301 professional learning community (PLC) work will be worth approximately 2/3rds of the pay for performance stipend Teachers at all levels and across all subject areas will work to improve student achievement PLCs must meet a minimum of 5 hours by March 27, 2015 PLCs will focus on strategies, differentiation, planning, and targeting students to increase performance. Student performance will be assessed in the 33% student growth data portion of the teacher evaluation

301/PLCs-Part B:

301/PLCs-Part B Teacher Evaluation Classification The teacher evaluation classification component stipend will be based on 33% of the total classroom site fund. The teacher evaluation classification component will be based on the 2014-2015 teacher evaluation classification rating that includes the student growth. The stipend allocated is based on the following classifications: Ineffective $0 Developing (for the first year) 1/2x Effective X Highly Effective 1/2x + x EXAMPLE ONLY: If x=$400.00, then: Ineffective $0 Developing (for first year) $200 Effective $400 Highly Effective $600

301 Pay-out:

301 Pay-out Site Based Goals will be paid out in two parts. The PLC portion of the work will be paid in May 2015 The teacher evaluation classification portion will be paid before the end of December 2015.

Danielson Map:

Danielson Map

PowerPoint Presentation:

Coming Soon…… Automated Attendance Calling Email & phone call notifications

Automated Attendance Calling:

Automated Attendance Calling ParentLink automatically calls parents of students with unexcused absences beginning at 10:30 a.m. and every hour for new absences, ending at 4 p.m. (ADE Requirement) Teachers must enter attendance in Mojave or send student with hard copy roster to office within first 10 minutes of class .

Message Notifications:

Message Notifications Email or recorded phone messages to primary contact in Mojave. Scheduled for delivery at specific time Immediate delivery for emergencies Delivery to entire student body or specific individuals or groups.

Office of Educational Environment & Associated Academic Projects:

Office of Educational Environment & Associated Academic Projects Referral Protocols & Discipline Matrix Custodial Service Changes Work Order Protocol Parking After Hours Campus Access Fliers in Hallways

PowerPoint Presentation:

Fire Evacuation Evacuate the building when alarm sounds and direct entire class to the football field. Please lock classroom door, turn off lights, and take class roster. Report to specific location on football field and take attendance. Identify students who are missing (was in class but did not make it to field). Report missing students to administrator at the 50 yard line, west side line . Keep students with you at all times. Await further instructions.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Lock Down Plan Check hallways and move students into room. Everyone outside must return to building or other safe place immediately. Hard Lock Down : No one leaves the room! All doors and windows need to be locked. Move students to area where they are least visible from doors and windows (close blinds) Soft Lock Down : Perimeter gates locked Interior doors are not locked Classes continue Movement is limited. Take roll and do not allow students to leave the classroom. Wait for further instructions or an “ all-clear ”

PowerPoint Presentation:

Child Abuse Reporting If you have reasonable belief that a child is the victim of: non-accidental physical injury, child abuse, neglect, sexual molestation, or sexual abuse, under A.R.S. § 13-3620, you MUST IMMEDIATELY report this information to law enforcement or CPS. A written report MUST follow within 72 hours.

Need Technology Help? Email: [email protected] Call the Help Desk: 225-6333 :

Need Technology Help? Email: [email protected] Call the Help Desk: 225-6333

Emergency Contact Form:

Emergency Contact Form Please turn in the green Emergency Contact Form (found in your mailbox) to Laura Fennema. Even if your information remains the same, a new form is needed so we know we have the most up-to-date information on file.

2013-14 HONORS:


Warrior Pride:

Warrior Pride Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior! Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior! Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior!