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Urban TrackingNext Steps With The HITT System : 

Urban TrackingNext Steps With The HITT System Steve and Jennifer White i2i K9 — Professional Training Services & Rivendale Learning Center i2ik9.com TeamRLC.com

A few important things : 

A few important things Surface order Overcoming visuals Determining next steps Controlling tempo Starts Adding a cue Your modules list © 2007 — Steve White 2

Surface order : 

Surface order Asphalt Concrete / Aggregate Gravel Dirt Grass Train to 80% of VST before taking the TD or TDX © 2007 — Steve White 3

Overcoming visuals : 

Overcoming visuals Make the eyes lie Gravel — strewn or surface Sprinkler run-off Pavement sealant Surface defects Night tracks Calming Cap® © 2007 — Steve White 4

Determining next steps : 

Determining next steps Fade only one support at a time Treats, spray, delay, double-laying, etc. Use the 80/20 rule Raise criteria only when at 80% successful On task—time, distance, mechanics Never raise criteria more than 20% 100 yds to 120 yds, 60 mins to 72 mins, etc. Length first (>50 yds), food next © 2007 — Steve White 5

Tracking progress : 

© 2007 — Steve White 6 Tracking progress

Controlling tempo : 

Controlling tempo Treat spacing Sweet spot Serpentines As early as you can Environmentals T-intersections, verticals, slack Let the dog decide © 2007 — Steve White 7

Starts : 

Starts In-line Oblique Perpendicular Acute Off set Start circle © 2007 — Steve White 8

Adding a cue : 

Adding a cue Three pronged test Locate perpendicular start in 20’x20 area Calm, clean, serpentines Pick correct direction within 50’ Develop a stimulus chain Starting ritual © 2007 — Steve White 9

Your modules list : 

Your modules list Surfaces Surface changes General environments Lighting Weather Visual foils Time © 2007 — Steve White 10

Wrapping up : 

Wrapping up Let the 80/20 Rule guide your progress One variable at a time The eyes lie, but the nose knows! Reintroduce spray as needed Chain, chain, chain! Train to 80% of VST level before taking TD Test Train hard! Track easy! © 2007 — Steve White 11

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