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Phyllis Supancheck, OP:

Images of God through the eyes of the believer Phyllis Supancheck, OP

??changes?? :

??changes?? For all the writers we reflected upon and for all the characters in our readings and videos, the images of God change as the circumstances of life change. How the characters such as Winnie, Antonio, Ultima , Tita and Pedro and authors such as Hayes Mendez, and Gabara experience God in their lives will enable them to create who God is for them at that particular moment. Who IS God? –all or none?

God is the bread of Life:

God is the bread of Life “O taste and see how good the Lord is! Mendez quotes a much used psalm as he talks of the richness of the food, of our God . The “ sabor ” of food makes us different. The Eucharist makes us different. We are given the life of God into our being as we eat the Body and Blood of Jesus. “O taste and see…”


God is ALL POWERFUL! And PUNISHES! Repeatedly Pecola is punished. Her self concept is so low. She believes that if God would give her blue eyes, she would be beautiful and accepted. It is only in her fantasy that she obtains blue eyes which are her ticket to wholeness. Pecola’s escape from reality is her protection from knowing that she is no good and certainly not worthy of God ‘s love.


God PUNISHES Tita is punished for being a bad daughter. She is passionately in love with Pedro but must forgo her desire to be with him in order to care for her mother. Winnie is also “punished” by God through her husband, Wen Fu He beats her into “submission ”. God, a man, punishes . women


God is MERCIFUL and FORGIVING –or NOT! Antonio learned the Act of Contrition but never felt that he received forgiveness of God. The Virgin Mary always forgave ! Winnie constantly had to ask pardon from Wen Fu, her husband. She was forced to get down on the floor and beg his forgiveness-- Forgive her for being such a horrible woman. Winnie begged the “gods” to give her mercy. The goddesses had pity on her.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Ultima was the image of who God is. She was very intimate with God in her own way, never outwardly professing one way or the other. God is loving and calls us to trust in him because he does care. Pecola could not bring herself to trust in God –He never seemed to be there for her.

God is a HEALER:

God is a HEALER Ultima , a curandera , gave Antonio potions to heal him. She also cured his uncle, Lucas. As a curandero she gathered herbs-a natural part of God’s creation, and used them for a variety of illnesses and conditions. Ultimas is seen as a woman who is an example of God’s healing in us. In like manner, the foods in Like Water For Chocolate brought healing of the body and soul to those who tasted and saw how good the Lord is!