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Ethical hacking courses seems to be crucial to make our online inforamtion secure by understanding the mindset of hackers through analysing the quality assurance of developers.


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WHY LEARN ETHICAL HACKING | PSB Academy In today’s era of digitalization cybercriminals pose the greatest threats. Until a few years back the hackers were not taken seriously but with the increasing online thefts and breaches in the private information stored online learning ethical hacking has become the need for the hour. As more and more e-commerce companies are entering the digital market and adopting new technologies like cloud computing online threats have been increasing four folds. What is Ethical Hacking Ethical Hacking is a way of objectively analyzing the security information of an organization. A new league of IT Professionals known as “white hat” hackers or ethical hackers is a group of experts who are appointed by the government banks and private firms for cybersecurity. With the client’s permission they hack the system and highlight the overall risks. Learning ethical hacking involves studying the mindset tools and techniques of the hackers and penetration testers in order to learn triage and correct vulnerabilities in the softwares and the computer networks. Studying ethical hacking is useful for employees in a variety of jobs like software developers quality assurance tester network defenders risk managers etc. BENEFITS OF LEARNING ETHICAL HACKING ● Understanding the mindset of the hacker The most important benefit of learning Ethical Hacking is that as a ‘white-hat’ hacker you understand the mindset of the hacker. When you learn ethical hacking you are able to defend a corporate network. In todays world hackers pose the greatest threat to organizations’ internal network security. Ethical hacking helps you to understand how hackers operate and help the defenders identify and prioritize potential threats as well as the best ways to remediate them. Network defenders identify and correct all the potential vulnerabilities in network security. As in the practical terms the elimination of all risks is not possible therefore they have to be able to measure the risks and probabilities of each potential threat and then assign the limited resources to minimize the possibilities of a successful attack.

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For becoming a successful ethical hacker it is important to think like a hacker. Learning ethical hacking can develop this mindset. ● Quality assurance and development There is a great overlap in the roles of an ethical hacker and a quality assurance tester. The tester is supposed to verify the software and ensure that it is functioning correctly under both normal and extreme conditions. A trained ethical hacker is a major resource because he/she will enable security testing quickly with efficiency and comprehensively at cheaper rates. Learning ethical hacking is also useful from the perspective of developing the tools to identify the glitches in the network cybersecurity. Many cyber-defenders quality assurance testers and ethical hackers have been successful in developing various tools to identify and remediate common vulnerabilities. These tools are also helpful for a developer as by gaining proficiency with these tools a developer can learn coding errors which should be avoided. ● Regulatory Compliance The recent regulations regarding the data breaches have become strong as compared to before. New regulations outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR simplifies the laws and makes the penalties for the data breaches clear. Therefore ensuring that software and networks are free of vulnerabilities has become more and more important. Learning ethical hacking benefits in a variety of job functions. Defenders and developers learn to identify and protect the organizations from risks and vulnerabilities in network securities. ● Professional Development The gap between the workers with skills in cybersecurity and the available talent is widening day by day. In the US alone about 350000 cybersecurity jobs are unfilled and this number is expected to rise tenfolds in the future. Therefore learning ethical hacking can be an amazing way to get into the cybersecurity industry and showcase your hacking skills.

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● Find a job Finding a job in this field is easy as with the digital revolution almost every company needs an ethical hacker in order to protect their data and networks. A certified ethical hacker has many job opportunities in the field and even the pay is good. Therefore learning ethical hacking and getting a certification will open up a vast number of job opportunities for you. Why should you learn Ethical Hacking The skills that can be learned via self-study or coursework in ethical hacking are extensively applicable to a variety of roles throughout the computer science and cybersecurity job families. For network defenders and risk management experts understanding the hacker attitude can be precious for figuring out and triaging specific attainable vulnerabilities in company network defenses. For developers and quality assurance testers knowledge and experience with penetration testing equipment and best practices can assist to improve development and protection testing methods and procedures. The new regulations around the safety of personalinformation suggest that personnel can benefit from ethical hacking education to improve network protection and risk management policies. Ethical hacking as a career gives massive opportunities. A clean licensed ethical hacker is enticed to a salary of somewhere between INR 3.5 and 4 lakh per year. Experienced specialists in this area such as security consultants data security analysts and ethical hacking experts can command salaries in the range of INR 9 to INR 20 lakh. Learning ethical hacking and earning certifications can also be useful when searching for a job or a raise. By demonstrating the abilities needed to specialize in cybersecurity and fill the roles left open by the cybersecurity skills gap an employee raises their personal value. Any worker working in an associated discipline or trying to move into the cybersecurity arena ought to gain from studying ethical hacking.

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