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A proxy server acts as a relay between a web browser and websites on the Internet.


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Proxy Server

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A proxy server acts as a relay between a web browser and websites on the Internet. Some users who face Internet content restrictions from a corporate- or government-controlled network use proxy servers on the Internet to bypass those restrictions.

Choosing Proxy Server :

Choosing Proxy Server Selecting a proxy server involves finding one suitable for your environment. In corporate networks, the company generally provides the one and only proxy server that can be used to access the Internet. Otherwise, look on the Internet for a working, publicly accessible proxy server.

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When selecting the Best Private Proxy , make sure you get the proxy server's domain name or IP address and the port number. If a username or password is needed for proxy server access, get that information as well.

Web Browsing with Proxy Server:

Web Browsing with Proxy Server Once the web browser is set up, browse the Internet with your web browser as you do normally. The browser's interaction with the Proxy Services instead of accessing the website directly is completely automatic and seamless to you. If you are trying to bypass content filtering, your network's firewall will see access to the proxy server instead of the actual prohibited website.

Use of Proxy Server :

Use of Proxy Server A cheap proxy is a computer that acts as an intermediary. It stands in for another computer. Other computers communicating with it do not realize that their communication has been intercepted by a computer other than the one they intended to contact.

Browser Configuration with Proxy Server:

Browser Configuration with Proxy Server All major web browsers can be configured to use Elite Private Proxies . With the domain name or IP address of the proxy server as well as the proxy server's port number, configure the browser software to use the proxy server instead of a direct connection on the Internet.

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