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If you think cockroaches have invaded your home, quickly give a call to Protech Pest Control. Cockroaches are among the most widespread pest across the world as our home makes a perfect habitat for them. They are prompt to procreate; thus you will need to act quickly.


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Everything You Need to Know About Cockroaches Undoubtedly, cockroaches are the last horrible pests that you’ll want in your property? These nocturnal creatures are attracted to all kind of food available, from paper, plastics, fabric to food, packaging and everything in between. They leave an unpleasing odour in and around the house and also carries bacteria responsible for several intestinal diseases . Plus , they can cause severe damage to your belongings as well. Thus, it’s best to take the experts help to keep the cockroaches miles away from your property!


Types of Cockroaches You'll be surprised to know that there are approximately 4000 cockroach species across the globe. Among those, Australia is known to house around 450 cockroach species. It's essential to identify their kind and opt for effective cockroach control treatment, accordingly. This is where Protech Pest Control can come to rescue with their top-notch and eco-friendly methods of cockroach pest control in Melbourne . Some of the most common cockroach species are : German cockroach American cockroach Oriental cockroach Brown Banded cockroach Australian cockroach Smoky Brown cockroach


Signs of Cockroach Infestation You can find their droppings – It mostly resembles like black pepper specks or coffee grounds. Unpleasant odour – Musty and oily smell which comes from cockroach droppings/ faeces You can find their egg cases also known as ootheca – It can contain around 10-15 eggs. It is a nearly translucent, oblong-shaped and brown colour casing. Look for their skin – Cockroaches usually shed skin, as they mature. You can find it near their shelter. Go on cockroach hunting – They usually reside in a warm and humid area. You can look out for cockroach infestation in : Bathrooms and laundry rooms Kitchens Basements Drains


Interesting Facts About Cockroaches Cockroaches can survive up to a week without their head They can hold their breath for 40 minutes and can survive underwater for more than half an hour. They can survive without food and water for almost a month and two weeks, respectively. Cockroaches can trigger asthma and other allergic reactions. Cockroaches are fast. They can run at a speed of 3 miles per hour. They are believed to be around for more than 280 million years ago! Possibly, from the time of dinosaurs!


Important Cockroach Prevention Tips Keep your place free from food scraps. Store food in air-tight containers and do not leave dirty dishes or liquid in sinks. Keep all the garbage in sealed bins and empty it daily. Seal up gaps and install proper-fitting fly screens on doors Regularly clean gutters. Fix leaking taps Call Protech Pest Control for cockroach pest control in Melbourne regularly .


Why Hire Experts for Cockroach Control? Well-trained and accredited technicians Unbeatable skills and expertise Latest cockroach control treatments Safe and environment-friendly cockroach removal Equipped with years of experience, skills and expertise Peace of mind with 100% pest free guarantee


Thank You! Protech Pest Control 4/11 Cooper Street, Campbell field, VIC 3061, Australia Mon to Fri - 8:30AM to 5:00PM Muzi Tsolakis – 1300 486 149 For best cockroach control in Melbourne, hire the experts at Protech Pest Control! Call 1300 486 149 Now!

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