All You Need to Know about Termite Infestations

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Protech Pest Control tells you how to deal with termite infestations in a nutshell. Know how to look out for signs of termites, how much damage they can potentially do, and why you should call in a professional exterminator for complete removal and to prevent recurrence.


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Termite Control 101:

Termite Control 101 Protech Pest Control, Melbourne

Do I need to take termites seriously?:

Do I need to take termites seriously?

Hard Facts :

Hard Facts

20% :

20% Australia n homes will be affected by termites at some point in time

1 in 3 :

1 in 3 Homes in Melbourne are vulnerable to termites


Concrete Or wood or soil Doesn’t stop them

3 months:

3 months Of unchecked growth And they are unstoppable

Termites & Health:

Termite s & Health Allergies & asthma attacks Earaches by creeping into the middle ear Attack intestines and cause abdominal pain Stings cause itching & swelling of tissues

Termite Signs:

Termite Signs Droppings (frass) all over the house Wings or other remains Hollow sounds in wood Insects spotted

Vulnerable Areas:

Vulnerable Areas Soil fills Wall cavities Unused areas of buildings Spaces between false flooring Verandahs Patios



Begins with you:

Begins with you

Termite Action Plan:

Get rid of loose timber. Remove timber retaining walls. Block possible entryways. Keep vents clear – a well-ventilated house is termite unfriendly. Termite Action Plan Fix any leaking water pipes, sinks, drains, etc. Check to ensure no excessive moisture near water tanks if any. Use metal stirrups to raise the timber above ground. Regular termite inspections every 6-12 months by trusted professionals.

Protech Pest Control:

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