10 Ways to Keep Bees at Bay

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Whether in Melbourne or anywhere in the world if you happen to work with bee hives removal, here are certain things to keep in mind to avoid getting stung.


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1300 486 149 4/11 Cooper Street Campbellfield VIC 3061 Australia 1300 486 149 03 9449 4244 10 Ways to Keep Bees at Bay Here’s How You Can Avoid Rubbing a Bee the Wrong Way. Honeybees are the most beloved of all insects second only to the butterfly. These happy little yellow and black striped creatures work tirelessly moving from flower to flower. Even if you don’t like them you’ve got to admit that they’re very important to our ecosystem. I mean our existence is threatened if they cease to exist. In fact unless you upset their home which is the hive they won’t even sting you. This is because the sting isn’t just painful for you but sadly also results in a bee’s death. So there is no need to control these loving and hard-working creatures or destroy their hives. Whether in Melbourne or anywhere in the world if you happen to work with bee hives removal here are certain things to keep in mind to avoid getting stung. Why will a Bee Sting

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1300 486 149 Contrary to what people think a bee is actually a gentle creature which is more than happy to finish his task for the day without you coming in his way or he in yours. His job is to protect his home the hive and his queen. Come to think of it they’re pretty loyal that way and will sacrifice their life for their home and fellow bees in the hive. Being much focused creatures this also means that if a bee is travelling with his pack he won’t attack you since he doesn’t have a hive/home to protect. What Happens to the Bee When He Stings You A bee has no intention in harming you. He will only sting you if he feels you are working towards the removal of his home and are a threat to his queen. You get stung when a bee pricks you with his stinger. This stinger happens to be barbed with prickly edges. Unfortunately when the little bee’s stinger pierces into your skin he is not strong enough to pull out the stinger as the barbs cling onto your skin or flesh. So when he does try to pull away parts of his abdomen and digestive track tear away killing him in the bargain. This only proves that they will only bite you when feeling extremely threatened. How to Not Get Stung If you are a bee keeper in Melbourne or happen to have a backyard happily buzzing with bees here are a few things to keep in mind during removal of honey and also keep you safe from a sting. 1. The Smoker This can prove to be really helpful as they see smoke as a sign of a hive fire and assume that since their home is on fire they need to travel to a new place and start building a home once again. Thus they start consuming the honey in order to carry some fuel to their new home. Consumption of honey makes them lethargic and less likely to sting you. Removal of honey becomes a lot easier with the smoker. 2. Bee Suit Gloves and Veil

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1300 486 149 Protective gear is very important if you are directly involved in removal of honey. The suit veil and gloves all help you take control of the situation in case they get aggressive. There are a variety of suits however suits are not entirely protective though they do lessen the effect and chances significantly. You’re can only get stung if a bee climbs up the gear and gets trapped. The fear of being squished is what makes it sting you. The veil has a mesh and is made with a sticky material allowing you to see and breathe but also keeping them at bay. The gloves reach right up to your elbows providing protection for your hands which are directly involved with the bees. 3. Wear Light Colours and Keep Your Fragrances Low-Key Bees tend to be less aggressive toward light colours which is also why their suits are white in colour. Strong fragrances won’t result in a sting but sure might attract them to you. 4. Stand Away From the Entrance of the Hives and Move Around Slowly Fast movements tend to threaten them while standing at the entrance of their home is like interfering with their work and will agitate them. They have a certain flight pattern which they would like you not to interfere with. If you’re too close you just might bring on some angry buzzing close to your head or they’ll start hitting you with their bodies. 5. Pay Attention to the Buzzing: Angry buzzing and circling around your head is sign to either move away for fear of being stung or to give them another puff of smoke. 6. If Stung Move Away From the Hive Bees release a pheromone which acts as a signal to others in the colony. So if you get stung move away before a signal is sent out saying ‘you’re danger to the hive’. 7. Use Sugar Water With a New Package Spray sugar water on the bees. This keeps them occupied with cleaning themselves and less likely to sting you.

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1300 486 149 8. Don’t Wait Around After Getting the Honey During removal of honey ensure they are not stuck in the frame. Even if a single bee remains a pheromone will be sent off on where the honey is being taken to. This will bring on an angry swarm of bees. Bees can be your friend if you just understand them and figure out how to work along with them. This is beneficial to you the ecosystem and will definitely keep the stings at bay.

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