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If you have found yourself sharing your home or yard with wasps, Protech Pest Control has the solution. Best of all, Protech uses environmentally friendly methods of extermination, keeping you and your family safe from harsh chemicals.


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Welcome to Protech Pest Control Safe and Reliable Wasp Control Melbourne


Wasps in your House? Get Rid of Wasps Today ! Bugged down by wasps at home? Feel unsafe and threatened in your own house? Get professional services for wasp control Melbourne today. There are two commonly found species of wasp in Australia – European wasp and English wasp. They are marked by yellow and black body, varying in size from 12 to 17mm. They generally build nests in sheltered locations like wall cavities, garages and lofts, and outside, they may nest in hollow trees, bushes and rodent burrows.


Get Rid of Wasps before They Pose Serious Threat to Your Family Wasps are one of the most dangerous insects and can pose serious danger for your family and pets. They generally sting multiple times and the stings are extremely painful. Stinging of a European wasp may cause a raised lump, burning pain, local inflammation and redness. Repeated stings may also cause allergic reactions. If ingested accidently, they can be fatal. Multiple stings by wasps may cause internal swelling and lead to asphyxiation.


Get Professional Wasp Removal Services Today Get rid of wasps before they make your life stressful. The best way of wasp removal Melbourne is to eliminate their nests. However , prevent from doing it yourself; it can be fatal. Get a team trained in wasp control on board. They have the expertise and knowledge to thoroughly scour the place and eliminate wasp nests completely. They can also provide assistance to prevent wasps for invading your home again.


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