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Possum pest control through Protech can keep your house safe from the destruction possums can cause, including the spread of diseases and damaging electrical cords.


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Do you have possums in your property ? While the little ball of fur might seem harmless, do not forget that it is a wild animal. They generally make their way into ceiling voids and rooftops, but once inside the home, they will gnaw on everything, causing damages that will burn holes in your pocket. What is even worse is that they tend to carry fleas and ticks, which may spread diseases. Have pets at home? Make sure that the possums do not become a real pain for them. Protech Pest Control offers reliable possum control Melbourne , ensuring your complete peace of mind. Living with Possums? Possum Control Melbourne Done RIGHT!


Possum Removal with Efficiency & Care Are possums giving you sleepless nights? Call Protech Pest Control today. Possums are a protected species in Australia and any removal process must be performed with great care and as per legal requirements. We are fully licensed to help you get rid of possum . Get a New Home for Possums By Australian law, a possum can be relocated only within 50 metres from your house . Moreover, possums are territorial in nature and will again try to enter your roof as soon as it is removed. Therefore , possum relocation boxes are a great way to provide a new home to the displaced possums. The important factors to consider here are:   Choosing a suitable location to install the possum box Placing the relocation box at least 4 metres above the ground Constantly monitoring it to protect the possum from pets and starlings, wasps and feral foxes


For possum control Melbourne, we install a one-way flap at the possum’s entry point to the roof. It causes the animal to exit the roof but not re-enter. For more details, contact our licensed possum removal expert. Why Choose Protech Pest Control? Fully licensed for possum removal Effective and environment-friendly methods to get rid of possum Over 26 years of experience in pest control industry Guaranteed possum removal Possum Removal Process


Contact us Protech Pest Control 4/11 Cooper Street, Campbell field, VIC 3061, Australia Mon to Fri - 9:00AM to 6:00PM Muzi Tsolakis – (03) 9449 4244 http://www.protechpestcontrol.com.au

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