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Termites have a history of causing deep-rooted damage to your properties. These termites feed on wood and hence can lead to harming you house badly. This is where Protech helps you by providing effective Termite control Melbourne services.


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For total peace of mind let Protech Pest Control protect your largest investment. Termite Control Termite Inspection

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 Termites common name is ‘white ants’  1 in 4 homes are effected by termites  Termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire floods storms and all other natural disasters.  Termites live in colonies Colony size varies from hundreds of thousands to millions.  Home insurance does NOT cover the repair costs of damage caused by termites to a home or commercial building.  Termites are known to destroy the wall and roofing timbers of a home within 3 months.

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Protech Pest Control Complies with all the Australian Standards when conducting a pre purchase or yearly inspection to your home. These are carried out by licensed and experienced technicians. Using a termatrac devise that is non invasive we are able to detect live termite activity present within the wall cavities on day of inspection. We can also detect any wood rot decay or fungi. Servicing over 35 councils only half this number has been declared termite prone where termite protection is compulsory. Yearly inspections are highly recommended as they are the foundation of any comprehensive protection plan. Why do I need a termite inspection Termite nests are often beneath the soil surface entry into buildings can often go unnoticed as severe structural damage may take a long time to become visible. Some buildings are more prone to termite attack than others every building is susceptible to termite invasion. Undetected termite invasion can weaken the structure.

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 At Protech Pest Control we use the number one trusted brand for termite control in Australia.  Termidor has now established a new level of confidence security and peace of mind with the Termidor Assurance warranty.  Offering cover for structural damage up to 2 million dollars its just another example of Termidor’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

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 Total peace of mind  Covers structural damage up to 2 Million dollars  Termite protection that isnt covered by regular home insurance  10 Years of trust: leading industry innovation and performance  Ensures your Termidor application is authentic and not a generic copy  Regular inspections carried out by a trained professional Accredited Termidor Applicator -Protect Pest Control  Warranty certificate issued with each treatment  Supported by BASF - the worlds leading chemical company Terms and conditions apply.

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Protech Pest Control 4/11 Cooper Street Campbellfield VIC 3061 Phone: 03 9449 4244 salesprotechpest.com.au http://www.protechpestcontrol.com.au/ Why Choose Us  Over 25 years experience in Termite Services  Latest in Technology Products  Our technicians are all licensed  Members of the National Pest Management Association NPMA  Cost effective Reliable solutions "If youre not asking for Termidor youre asking for trouble."

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