Know How Kitchen Chimney Works

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Know How Kitchen Chimney Works Nowadays we are able to see that people are getting used to kitchen chimneys in India. As we all are well aware that Indian kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the entire household as this room is built in such a way so that all sorts of mouthwatering delicious foods can be prepared by the cook. But in order to stay safe and healthy we need to keep this room fully healthy and hygienic. So in order to make this room fresh and ventilated we can install a modular kitchen chimney in Kolkata kitchens to make them grease grime and smoke free at all times. .

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But when we go to a kitchen chimney dealer they show us so many models of kitchen chimneys that we tend to get confused which one to choose and which one will be the most preferable kitchen chimney for our home. So before going in to any shops we all must know that how kitchen chimney works. In this article I will be giving each and every detail about what kind of kitchen chimneys will be best for your homes. We will be able to find many kitchen chimneys both in offline stores and on e-commerce online sites. We need to check these following things before making our choice. We need to keep the following three things in our mind. Here they are: • We have to check the overall size and shape of the kitchen chimney. • Then we have to check which brand of kitchen chimney is providing value for money products. • The last thing we have to know what is the ducting mechanism of the kitchen chimney we have chosen Type of kitchen chimneys There are mainly four distinct types of kitchen chimneys available in the market of kitchen chimneys in Kolkata. They are as follows: 1. Corner kitchen chimneys – people who have their hobs placed at the corner of their kitchens. They can install corner kitchen chimneys as they are fitted against the corner walls. This helps in sucking all the bad smell odor grime formation from the kitchen and sucks them inside their ducts and throws them outside the kitchen room making it fresh and ventilated at all times. These are mainly the oil collector kitchen chimney in Kolkata.

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2. Wall hanging kitchen chimneys – Wall mounted or wall hanging kitchen chimneys are designed in such a way so that they can be installed against the wall but they are placed just above the hob or the stove. These kitchen chimneys are available in different colors and designs which are quite attractive. 3. Integrated kitchen chimneys – Integrated kitchen chimneys are one of a kind. These are designed within the wooden cabinets and are placed against the wall and above the hob. People won’t be able to look where the kitchen chimney at one look. 4. Island kitchen chimneys – Island kitchen chimneys looks a bit modern and weird as they appear to be hanging just from the middle of the kitchen ceiling. These are not installed against the walls as they are ductless and blows off all the smoke and fumes from the kitchen making it easier for the cook to prepare their dishes. Contact Us 6 Sarat Chatterjee Road Kolkata- 700 089 West Bengal Website: Email: TOLL FREE NO: 1800 121 0600