How python can be a kick start for your career?

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Python is easy to learn and work with programing language that supports procedural, object-oriented, functional and other programming approaches. Profound Edutech’s Python classes in Pune and dream to lead the Professional roles. Visit:


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©Profound Edutech Pvt Ltd How python can be a kick start for your career Python is easy to learn and work with programing language that supports procedural object-oriented functional and other programming approaches. Its free and open source that is people can easily write new library packages and add to existing ones to provide more functionality. Python is one of the most popular languages due to its libraries. As a Python developer you will be able to create all sorts of applications related to maths science and medicine etc and for many platforms. If you master this language there will be diverse career opportunities that you can dive in. Profound Edutech’s Python classes in Pune and dream to lead the Professional roles given below: • Software Developer : Software Developer’s work involves creating and maintaining systems and application software. Now a days many big and small companies want to base their applications on Python. It is very impressive to note that large organizations have started adopting Python as their primary programming language. Some of the big players like Quora Facebook YouTube Pinterest and Netflix have most of their new code written in Python. Even Google has now adopted Python as its secondary coding language and has committed to using it more in its new product offerings. Being a python developer is an advantage because Python has evolved as the most preferred

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©Profound Edutech Pvt Ltd language and considered to be the next big thing and a must for Professionals. • Back-end Web Developer : In a website back end has to perform many behind the scene operations such as establishing database connectivity provide data and service requested by front end system creating and maintaining the application logic and other processes. Also there is frequent need of testing and debugging entire web site. Python has frameworks that allows developer to create web applications without having to deal with low-level technicalities. Frameworks such as Django — a most popular framework which has numerous built-in packages to handle complex functionalities Flask Pyramid and Tornado have made all these tasks mentioned above much easier. • Data Analyst or Data Scientists : With the concept of Big Data taking firm hold many organizations today want to analyze large quantities of data in a fast and effective way. They therefore hire data analysts who can go through large sets of data and provide useful information. Python libraries perform advanced analysis on large data sets quickly making it indispensable tool for data scientists. For example Pandas — a library that performs advanced numerical analysis.

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©Profound Edutech Pvt Ltd • Machine learning and AI : These are relatively new fields and buzzwords right now. Machine Learning is a current application of AI based around the idea that we should be able to give machines access to data and let them learn for themselves. So Machine learning and AI involve working with complex algorithms. Since Python is easy to use without sacrificing performance and functionality makes it less stressful to work on tough projects. Also Python has numerous frameworks and libraries that perform common AI and machine learning functions. The code written in Python can run on many operating systems with minimal to zero changes required. Hence you can train your models on one platform without worrying too much about how it will work on others. • Ethical Hacking and Penetration Tester : Penetration testing focuses on discovering the vulnerabilities risks and target environment with the purpose of securing and taking control of the system. As penetration techniques are used to protect from threats the potential attackers are also swiftly becoming more and more sophisticated and inventing new weak points in the current applications. Hence a particular sort of single penetration testing is not sufficient to protect the security of the tested systems. Unethical hackers and other threats are evolving so fast off-the-shelf tools struggle to keep up. One should have the capacity to develop your own tools or update the current capabilities of the tools available to be

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©Profound Edutech Pvt Ltd better-placed to curb threats and protect vital information. Working in hacking can be a great way to expand your knowledge of programming and computers. Python is cross-platform programming language that has unlimited third-party libraries. Plenty of open source hacking tools are written in Python which can be easily integrated within other script. • Tech job in financial services : Python is becoming number one language in Finance and scientific research. I am sure you must have got fascinated on understanding the career opportunities available in Python. Do not waste time further join ProfoundEdutech’s Python classes in Pune and kick start your career.