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Legal Symposium - Case Studies - Liberal Arts and Humanities


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Legal Symposium:

Legal Symposium The Civil Rights and/or Human Rights of ‘Equallyoked’ Couples Common Sense Law Webinar - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

Outline Preview:

Outline Preview Introduction to the Legal Symposium Purpose - The Rights of All “ Equally Yoked ” Couples Key Words: Legal Jargon and other Definitions Civil & Human Rights of Equallyokedtarians ... A Few Case Studies- in Multicultural Society Take Home Points - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


Disclosures There is no financial relationship exactitude to disclose. This Legal Symposium is intended is for attorneys, legislators, and policy makers is not going to be too technical of a Legal /Judicial type of lecture. There is no intent to persuade nor is there any certain advocacy in favor of a specific religion or beliefs related to social mores nor law.. - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

Quotation :

Quotation “Be ye not unequally yoked…” II Corinthians 6:14 - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


“Equallyoked” Equally : meaning, “alike’, …or “the same”… to the same degree of.. (i.e., as ‘alike’ or …with the ‘same’ ‘ civil identity ’ of a dating/or premarital couple) . Yoked : meaning… ..‘enjoined’ together to do (relationship) work . …more ‘figuratively’ - united together in the work of holy matrimony with a mutual ‘civil identity’ as ‘one’ (a coupleship )... ( a,b) - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

The term, “Equallyoked”:

The term, “Equallyoked” The term ' Equallyoked ' (also, equally yoked) probably came about from the Holy Bible – wherein Jews marrying Jews, Muslims marrying Muslims, Christians marrying Christians, etc, etc. It is a social phenomena that exists in all diverse multicultural societies - peoples of the same de facto ‘Civil Identity' marrying one another for reasons of good self-esteem, religious morals, and preserving the integrity of their family identity – expressly for abiding in social mores and therefore community (psychosocial) health. - Etymology : Equally Yoked/Equallyoked


UN/WHO About 66% of the whole world knows about ‘ equallyokedtarianism ’and are either: * In favor towards status recognition, or * Are in some way connected with the movement, or * Regarded as “ Neutral” or without an official opinion At least 1/3 of the U.N. member states ‘recognize’ an EQUALLYOKEDTARIAN unique status. An estimated 193 of the U.N. members have constitutions that justices may rule on discrimination cases concerning ‘Equallyokedtarians’ 1,2,3,4 Social Psychiatry Notes : Beliefs, Values, and Attitudes

Equallyoked: Civil Rights:

Equallyoked: Civil Rights The ‘ civil rights ’ of all equallyokedtarians and important public policy can be based on and related to sociocultural statistics traced to individual couples backgrounds: perception, emotional stability, moral education, choice making, adaptability, commitment, and resilience. This now has evolved to included equallyoked and unequallyoked couples meeting and marrying via the Internet. - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

“I yam wot I yam”:

“I yam wot I yam” An ‘equallyokedtarian’? “I am what I am” Civil Identity #1 Civil Identity #2 - Liberal Arts and Humanities - Dyadic Psychology

An Example of “Equally Yoked”:

An Example of “Equally Yoked” Ethnicity Political Party Race Color Religion Age Sex (Male) Marital Status Sexual (pleasure preference) orientation Civil Identity # 1 - Sociology 101: “Civil Identity” Ethnicity Political Party Race Color Religion Age Sex (Female) Marital Status Sexual (pleasure preference) orientation Civil Identity # 2 Beliefs Beliefs

“..being socially secure…”:

“..being socially secure…” “ Equally yoked Coupleships are about feeling the best one can be about intimacy, sex.. Being ‘equally yoked’ is about being socially secure in ‘who you are – as a couple’.” Republic of Korea, 2012 Social Psychology - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


“Unequally Yoked” Inequitable - Unjust, an injustice . Iniquious - Unrighteous, a sin . Inequality - Unfair, imbalanced. 10 - Biblical, Moral, and Doctrinal Studies II Corinthinans 6:14-18 haven

Legal Ethics - Case Studies:

Legal Ethics - Case Studies Case#2 – Couple believes in a Bible doctrine that recognizes ‘equally yoked’ couples as the same ‘civil identity’ to be soon married. ( Ethical Question : Do ‘they’ get married by a clergy or by civil authorities i.e., a Justice of the Peace?) (2 a ) Case#3 – Couple is seeking a divorce based upon their new faith-Christians-who abide in the doctrine of ‘be ye not unequally yoked’. ( Ethical Question : Do ‘they’ go before the ‘court’ to seek a legal separation based upon their new founded belief? (2 a ) - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


Takeaway Points “…just about everyone will consider an ‘ Equally Yoked relationship’ at some point in their lives.” “We need to continue to learn about commonly use the term ‘ Equally Yoked ’ as a valued social phenomenology ... to help you better serve client couples… (1999) “…about 66% of developing countries have legal systems that may generally recognize the unique relationship ‘status’ of equallyokedtarians .” (11) - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


- Liberal Arts and Humanities - “ Protect the Legal Rights of the Equally Yoked.” II Corinthinans 6:14-18 Webinar An Online Class

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