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This is a presentation about Self & Identity - introducing the terms, 'Civil Identity' and 'Social Identity' and 'Family Identity'...Liberal Arts and Humanities


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“Self and Identity”:

“Self and Identity” Key Words: & Definitions The “ Social Identity - The “ Civil Identity ” - The “ Family Identity ” - Dyadic Psychology - Liberal Arts and Humanities - A Few Dyadic Psychology terms


Disclosures If any financial relationships that e xist between a presentor and a this particular presentation should be disc losed. Th ough this presentation contains social scientific terminology , it s hould be quite suitable for the general public as well. Also, th is presentation c ontains information related to the social phenomena-Equally Yoked – the ‘Clinical Reference Dyad’ without reference to the psychology of personality, character, and personal identity. - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

“Social Identity”:

“Social Identity” A person’s sense of belongingness to a collective of identified important groups such as; Citizenship : a Nation Residency : Address Property : Deeds and co- OWNER ship in Real estate e.g., vacation homes, office buildings, land, and may include motor homes, RVs, cars, boats, planes, etc. Profession : a trade, vocation, skill, craft, boards or union organizations, licensure, registration, etc Education: Credentials , degrees, diplomas, certifications, documentation of schools successfully attended, etc. Titles : in Clubs, Religious, and Political organizations. Socio-economic CLASS : Amount of money in bank, in stocks and bonds investments, in bank notes and certificates, etc, etc, etc. - SocPsy202: Social Identity

What is “Civil Identity”?:

What is “Civil Identity”? Ancestry Ethnicity Disability Mental Physical Race Color Age Sex Political Party Familiar Status Marital Status Religion Beliefs Creed Source of Income Sexual Preference Arbitrary - SocPsy200: Components of Civil Identity

A “Civil identity” is….:

A “ Civil identity ” is…. Ethnicity: American of Soviet Union heritage. Political Party: Libertarian Party Race: Semitic Color: Medium complexion Religion: Judeo-Christian Disability: None Known Gender: Male & Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Couples who share the same (or very similar ) de facto ‘Civil identities’, identify with one another’s beliefs, bond in marriage, living in a multi-cultural society are considered ‘equally yoked’. - Soc101: Civil Identity An Example:

…Family Identity…:

…Family Identity… The “Family Identity” is base on ‘civil identity’ closely associated with a specific surname and… Surname: that specific family name passed down generation after generation in a family lineage from whom the origins of the surname began to the very youngest new born. Middle name : It is a name given by joint parents traditionally, by inter-marrying families of the same (or similar) ‘ civil identities ’ to protect the family against frauds, phoneys, and fakes using reputable ‘names’ as a tactic or strategy for personal profit in multicultural finance. The initials, ‘NMI’ (means, No Middle Initial) First name : a personal name given to a newborn by parents - to be used in every day conversations - with a specific meaning – concerning the reputation to ‘live up to’ in society. - SocPsy: The Family Identity

Gaming: “Equallyoked” Means…:

Gaming: “Equallyoked” Means… In a Card Game, when “Equallyoked” is called and laid down with a hand, it actually means the King&Queen of Hearts paired together. “ Dating back to the days of saloons and gambling halls, circa 1876 , particularly the card game of Poker, holding and laying down a hand with a pair of ‘hearted-face cards’ are referred to as ‘Equallyoked’ meaning, a King and Queen of Hearts.” - Liberal Arts and Humanities - Virginia City, NV

An ‘Equally Yoked’ Dyad :

An ‘Equally Yoked’ Dyad Ethnicity: Politics: Religion : Race: Color: Age: Sex: Male Sexual ( pleasure preference ) Orientation: Marital status: Ethnicity: Politics: Religion : Race: Color: Age: Sex: Female Sexual ( pleasure preference ) Orientation: Marital status: - The Liberal Arts and Humanities - “...about equal to/or very similar...”


Quotation J ust about everyone around the world has hear d these familiar words ... “…Be ye not unequally yoked... .” II Corinthians 6 :14 Source: The King James Version of The Holy Bible 1526 Dyadic


Dr. “D” the PhD – Professor Emeritus Professor of the Humanities - NOTE: All Material was Used by Permission “Self and Identity” Dyadic Psychology A Few Social Psychology terms to Learn…