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Order to activation is the end to end process which starts with capturing of order and ends at billing of services offered. It goes through the steps of Service design, Service activation and Verification.


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Constraints Bottlenecks in Service Provisioning

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Confidential Restricted Copyright © Prodapt Solutions Order to Activation O2A 2 The entire process of traditional order-to-activation has become complex because of humongous increase in number of new services applications and devices storming the ecosystem Bundling of voice data video on demand gaming location based services enterprise integration with heterogeneous devices are opening fresh revenue streams but at the same time are threatening customer satisfaction levels and customer retention. Prodapt as a thought leader in the global telecom market has come up with a capability for streamlining the O2A process for a customer provisioning system by removing its bottlenecks and reduced the constraints by reducing huge manual activity. Prodapt is currently working with TIER1/TIER 2 customers based out of North America region for optimizing their customers O2A process for improved Order Management Systems Order to activation is the end to end process which starts with capturing of order and ends at billing of services offered. It goes through the steps of Service design Service activation and Verification.

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Confidential Restricted Copyright © Prodapt Solutions Why traditional O2A approach is not optimized 3 52 48 52 Yes No KPI’s Are Not Measured In Real Time Business Objectives Affected By O2A Process O2A process impacts the CSP’s bottom line as well as customer experience Improved Customer Care 82 Improve OPEX of manual handling 67 Revenue leakage prevention 82 No Single Point Of View Not measured in the real time / near real time Of service providers agree that the end to end view of the O2A process is very important. But it remains very fragmented and complex of CPS have both more than five direct and more than five indirect channels involved in the O2A process as well as at least five internal departments 82 High Level Of Manual Touch 40 Automation within the O2A process 0-20 80 – 100 Indicated only 0-20 of automation within the O2A process 28 13 Indicated only 80-100 of automation Low levels of automation A high level of manual touch points A high level of error and faults Negative impact on revenue and customer satisfaction

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Copyright © Prodapt Solutions 4 “Known Unknown” constraints Fallout Handling Cross Network Orders Revenue Mgt/ Cost Control Advance Infrastructure Technology Custom code to adopt to change Dependency on Third- party-carrier Need Solution Unknown constraints solution needs to be identified Known constraint solution requires innovation Fragile Systems Inaccurate Product Catalogue Dis- connected swivel-chair systems Lengthy Installation Known constraint solution requires additional expertise action Order Inaccuracy Delayed Due Dates Data Quality Fragmented Process Multiple Legacy Applications

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Copyright © Prodapt Solutions 5 The attempts being made by TELCO operators… O2A affects the key business objectives of every Service Provider today: revenue and customer satisfaction Source: Ovum 2014 Eliminating manual components to improve efficiency and reduce errors Replacing their legacy technology with hardware and software Some have even got the process optimization in order to eliminate redundant sub process. Every CSPs have consciously attempted to improve their order-to- activate process. But the outcomes have been short of expectation even disappointing. Market Study CSPs have been attempting to address the challenges in the O2A process for long time now with a short term view. Some of the ways that CSP’s have tried to address the challenges are as below INEFFICIENT ORDER-TO-ACTIVATE CHAIN As customers have become more demanding and services more complex operators are discovering that the traditional approach to fulfilling subscriber orders isn’t good enough anymore. To enable product differentiation and gain the agility needed to succeed against competitors the service providers need to implement an optimal waiting time less activation time to address their lead-to-activate issues. Customer Order Configure and Entry Factory Orders Provision Activate Validate Enable Customer Invoice Collect Cash Channel Web Speech Mail E-Mail Chat Kiosk Customer Sell/ Contract/ Account Setup Sales Process This document is targeted at CSPs who have inefficient O2A process which needs optimization in terms of end to end processing time and help them to achieve the fast time to market.

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Copyright © Prodapt Solutions Sub-systems involved in O2A Lead Management System Opportunities in funnel Quote- Purchase Order/BQ Order Management sub-system Provisioning sub-system Activation sub-system Revenue Management L2Q - Lead to Quote Pre-billing O2A - Order to Activate WHY PROVISIONING ALONE TAKES MORE TIME IN O2A PROCESS 20 65 15 Percentage of average time spent in each system TECHNO-FUNCTIONAL GLITCHES NO STANDARD PROCESS MORE REDUNDANT STEPS

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Copyright © Prodapt Solutions 7 Provisioning “New” Order – High Level Process Flow Circuit ID team works on the Circuit naming Sales team submits enriched order Connecting Facility Assignment team works on circuit design Provisioning team submits service request to other carrier Provisioning team acknowledges the FOC from other carrier Testing team obtains ‘circuit status’ from other carrier via Voice auth. Technician works on Cross connects installation Incident/Servi ce Request placed for “Cross Connects” Assign validate for IP Requirement Provisioning team acknowledges the DLR from other carrier Testing team validates CKT via loop test Schedule for activation Hotcut Provisioning team ACK’s the provisioning completion from other carrier Activation of Data Voice products Validate for assigned pricing WT AT PT 4 days 1 days 40 min. WT AT PT 10 days 3 days 40 min. WT AT PT 5 days 1 days 20 min. WT AT PT 4 days 2 days 5 min. WT AT PT 1 days 6 days 15 min. WT AT 4 days 1 days WT AT PT 1 days 4 days 10 min. WT AT PT 3 days 1 days 15 min. WT AT PT 3 days 4 days 5 min. WT AT PT 41 days 3 days 30 min. WT AT 25 days 3 days WT AT PT 1 days 4 days 10 min. WT AT PT 29 days 15 days 60 min. WT AT PT 2 days 6 days 15 min. Process flows doesn’t involves other carriers Process flows involves other carriers WT AT PT Average Waiting Time Average Assigned Time Average Processing Time FOC- Firm Order Confirmation DLR- Design Layout Record - Prodapt’s Capability on Optimization

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Copyright © Prodapt Solutions 8 Most time consuming process – Deep dive analysis Max. average time spent in each block in Provisioning system Critical Reasons Success factors which reduced the delay Block Name Testing team validates CKT via loop test Schedule for activation Hotcut Activation of Data Voice products WT 41 days AT PT 3 days 30 min. WT 29 days AT PT 15 days 60 min. WT 25 days AT PT 4 days xx min. Multiple circuits cant be tested at the same time – Restriction in Testing Manual intervention required in Loop testing Dispatching technicians to field Third party Carrier Dependency Synchronization of applications – System or automation failure Manual Testing on Ethernet product Delay in getting other carrier legs Limited Automation Missing/Incorrect Info during design leading to rework Inventory Data quality issue leading to fallout and rework Scheduling based on Third Party carrier availability Technicians appointment Calendar Robust application platforms Correct product/service at first time Effectively capturing the order with clean data Auto identification of cross connect feasibility Simplified Product Offering Enrichment of missing parts of the order information from surrounding systems

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Copyright © Prodapt Solutions 9 Key Takeaways: Success factors which reduced the delay Overall processing time of O2A can be optimized by reducing the major time spent in three highlighted blocks which adds to the delay. Our major recommendations are given below Physical Scheduling - Effectively managing technicians appointment calendar - Completion in 1 st truck roll 3rd Party Carrier Availability First touch Order Resolution - Optimized scheduling based on 3rd party carrier availability for testing and followed by Hot cut - Uncompromising data accuracy during order capture process makes order fulfilment completes on time as expected Manual follow up of orders falling into Jeopardy Data quality issue leading to fallout Number of manual touch points Complaint calls related to order Goodwill adjustment payment Order cancellation rate Order delay Volume of orders handled in given timeframe Net promoter score increases Right first time completion Order flow through rate Customer satisfaction Activation lead time

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Copyright © Prodapt Solutions 10 Conclusion … Todays telecom industry is shifting from the market share acquisition to customer satisfaction focused strategy. Operators are focused on how to differentiate target their market segment and find better ways to understand their customers. Operators stand to lose major revenue if their order-to-activate processes are not fast sophisticated nimble and able to get the job done right the first time. The vision of every operator should be having highly automated O2A process more than 70 to achieve the fast time to market.

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