Way to Increase the Lifespan of the Brake Pad

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The braking system of your car is one of the most important systems as it is directly related to your safety and also plays a role in the handling of the car. One of the vital components of the braking system is the brake pads, however, the brake pads have a reputation of wearing out in due course of time. The wearing out of the brake pads is dependent on a few factors like the way you drive your car. Go through the slide to know the ways to increase the lifespan of the brake pad.


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Way to Increase the Lifespan of the Brake Pad:

Way to Increase the Lifespan of the Brake Pad


Nobody knows how long the brake pads of the car should last because it completely depends on the driving style and habits of the driver.


The driving habits of the driver like quick starts, short trips, and city driving could burn the gas faster.


Like other parts of the car, the lifespan of the brake pads are typically placed between 25,000 to 65,000 miles.


Your driving habits also impact the brake pads of your car as well as wear out after a few months of use.


The following points help you to increase the lifespan of the brake pads of the car efficiently.

Drive at a moderate speed :

Drive at a moderate speed


If you are driving the car at high speed and apply the brakes suddenly, then it would generate a lot of friction, wears out the brake pads and shortens its lifespan.


Driving the car at the high speed also burns more gas which will cost you a lot of money. So, try to drive the car at moderate speed and apply the brakes smoothly.

Reduce some weight:

Reduce some weight


When you are driving the car with friends or moving furniture you will put heavy loads in the car, as a result, the brake pads work harder to stop the car.


So, remove the things from your trunk or backseat to give your brakes to function properly. By reducing the weight, you can also improve the fuel economy.

Use engine brakes:

Use engine brakes


When you need to apply the brakes suddenly such as in the red light or heavy traffic, then take your foot off the accelerator.


In this cases, when you want to stop the car disengage the engine and lightens the loads on your brakes. It is known as engine braking to slow the car without pressing the brakes.

Don't ride the brakes:

Don't ride the brakes


The brake pedal of the car are used to stop the car. But riding the brake pedal can wreak havoc on your brake pads and shorten the life.


The drivers also feel confusing when they press the pedal and activates the brake lights. So, rest your foot on the floorboard instead of pressing the brake pedal.




Replacing the brake pads of the car at the rights time can save you money as well as prevent other parts from damage.


When you are replacing the brake pads of the car as soon as possible will save the rotors and the money spend on serious repairs.


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