Things to Know About the 3 Most Important Parts of the Suspension Syst

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The suspension system is mainly composed of different parts which work in coordination to provide the proper shock absorption. Out of all the parts, the three most important are the shocks & struts, wheel bearings and the coil springs. See the mentioned slides to learn more about the 3 most important parts of the suspension system.


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Things to Know About the 3 Most Important Parts of the Suspension System


The suspension system in your car is one of the most important systems which plays a vital role in providing comfort to the occupants of the car.


Moreover, modern suspensions are composed of many different parts and the cars vary differently in their suspension design.


The suspension system of your car faces the brunt of bad driving style & poor road conditions which often leads to problems in the various components of the suspension system.


Let us discuss about the 3 most important parts of the suspension system of your car.


Shocks & struts


The most important components of a suspension system are the shocks and struts, however, they both are different parts but function in a similar manner.


The primary function of the shocks & struts is that they convert the spring movement into heat energy that is then dissipated by hydraulic fluid.


The struts provide structural support & the shocks are mounted directly to the car's frame on one side and to the lower suspension on the other side.


The common symptoms associated with the failure of shocks & struts are the car's front end will be diving downwards while stopping, excessive bounce, unstable steering wheel and oil leaks from struts.


Wheel bearings


Wheel bearings are conveniently located inside the wheel hub unit and the major function they perform is about supporting the load of the vehicle.


This makes it easier for the wheels to turn easily on their axle with less friction but the problem associated with wheel bearings is they are worn out easily.


If you experience abnormal sounds while driving like chirping, squealing, or grinding that change with speed and if you notice the sounds getting louder, then the wheel bearings have worn out.


Consequently, you will also feel vibrations and teetering coming from the tires as you drive & the best way to solve this problem is by upgrading your tires.


Coil springs


The coil springs come in various configurations and are evenly attached to the front & rear suspension system of your car.


Generally, it is observed that the rear springs of cars face more issues than the front springs as the maximum load in cars is concentrated in the rear portion.


Moreover, the broken rear springs affect your car to a larger extent than the front springs and it is imperative to know the signs exhibited by the broken springs.


Mostly the car sags, droops, or you will experience poor handling condition of your car while driving and all this point to a broken spring which needs to be fixed immediately.




The above-mentioned components are the most important parts of the suspension system of your car.


Whenever, you will come across any of the symptoms that affect the functioning of the suspension system, you must immediately take your car to an automotive repair shop to fix the issues.

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