How to Check the Transmission Fluid Condition in Manual and Automatic

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The transmission fluid is an important element for the proper functioning of the whole transmission system. The condition of the fluid should be examined at regular intervals in both the manual and the automatic cars. See the slideshow to know how to check the transmission fluid condition in manual and automatic cars.


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How to Check the Transmission Fluid Condition in Manual and Automatic Cars


The transmission unit heavily relies on lubricant and the transmission uses a certain fluid made for lubricating its components as they need to stay lubricated to keep working properly.


If there was ever a fluid leak or the wrong type of fluid in the transmission, then the gears and other metal components would heat up and cause problems for the entire system.


Checking the condition of transmission fluid in an automatic car


The condition of the fluid in your automatic transmission should be checked in 40,000-mile increments or as recommended by the manufacturer.


As for checking the condition of the fluid, the first thing you will want to do in an automatic transmission is to check the level of the fluid.


A dipstick can be used for this just like when checking the level of your engine oil. In the automatic transmission, the fluid level should rest in the middle of the “full” and “add” marks.


That indicates the fluid is at a normal level and if the fluid is too high or too low, you should simply drain all the fluid out and refill it with new fluid at the appropriate level.


Also check the appearance of the fluid is its appearance, and if the fluid is bubbly or foamy, then you either have the wrong fluid type in there or you have too much fluid.


And if the transmission fluid appears to be brown at all, then coolant probably got mixed in there and contaminated it due to a radiator leak.


Checking the condition of transmission fluid in a manual car


Car manufacturers will all tell you different figures regarding how often to change your manual transmission fluid.


It is better to just look at your owner’s manual to know for sure what the appropriate amount is for your car.


One way to know it is time to change the fluid is if you have trouble shifting gears and you start to hear strange noises that sound like grinding coming from the gears.


Use a dipstick to test the level of the fluid in the transmission and pay attention to the smell and the color of the fluid.


If it has a burning odor or darker color, then you need to replace the old fluid with new fluid and if it is fine, then check the amount of fluid in the transmission.


If the level falls below the “add” mark or above the “full” mark, then you have too little or too much fluid and you need to drain out the existing fluid and replace it with new fluid.




Checking the transmission fluid is an important skill to learn, and you will know if it is going bad or if there is not enough fluid in the transmission.


And there are different ways to check the condition of the fluid in an automatic transmission versus the fluid in a manual transmission.

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