What are the Causes of Engine Hesitation Under Heavy Load in Car

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At times, when your car is overloaded, then there is immense pressure on the engine. This results in the stumble and misfiring of the engine and the reason can be a bad MAF sensor, faulty fuel pump or a damaged fuel injector. To know all about the causes of engine hesitation under heavy load in the car, go through the following slides.


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What are the Causes of Engine Hesitation Under Heavy Load in Car


When the engine of your car is hesitating very badly, then it is unable to generate enough power to move the car.


The engine hesitation generally occurs when you are carrying a heavy load in your car as well as during the cold temperatures.


Thus, the hesitation of the car can be inconsistent and unpredictable, so it can be quite dangerous to drive your car.


To avoid the unpredictable accidents and damages in the engine, it's better to understand the causes of the hesitation to fix them in a right way.


Here are the causes of engine hesitation that you need to consider in your car as early as possible.


Mass airflow sensor


Mass airflow sensor used to detect the amount of air going into the engine. Then it can transmit the information to the main computer of the car.


Consequently, it can communicate with the fuel injector of the car to deliver the proper amount of fuel.


When the mass airflow sensor of your car got damaged or worn out, it unable to detect the proper amount of air.


As a result, it will cause several problems in the internal combustion process and lead to the engine hesitation problems.


Faulty fuel pump


Now the most of the car are made with fuel pump right into the fuel tank to deliver fuel to the engine when it is needed for combustion.


Thus, the fuel pump precise the amount of fuel it delivers and needs the right pressure to perform the whole process.


If the fuel pump of your car gets damaged or faulty, then incorrect amount fuel will go to the engine.


As a result, it will cause engine hesitation problem especially when you are trying a lot to accelerate up the incline.


Damaged fuel injector


The cylinder of the internal combustion chamber can fully depend on the fuel injector to spray the fuel into it.


In this way, the right amount of fuel can mix with the air in the chamber, then the spark plugs ignite the mixture.


If you find that the fuel injector of your car is damaged or simply dirty, then it will fail to inject the right amount of fuel into the cylinder.


If you do not consider the fuel injector issues in your car, then the engine hesitation of the car will gradually become a reoccurring thing.


Throttle position sensor


The computer of your car fully depends on the throttle position sensor to determine the amount of pressure placed on the accelerator.


According to the information, the computer will modify the mixture of fuel and air so that your engine get the proper amount of air and fuel mixture.


A damaged or worn out throttle position sensor will unable to provide the right set of information to the computer.


Due to the damaged throttle position sensor, your car engine will unable to handle the different actions of your car such as idling or accelerating.




Here the given points dignify all the common causes of engine hesitation issues in your car due to the heavy load.


If you found that your car is hesitating abnormally, then take it to a reputed mechanic to fix it as soon as possible.


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