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E-Waste Recyclers is E-Waste Management Company in India. Our E-Waste recycling company recycles Electronic and Electrical Waste, Toner Cartridge, Data Destruction or anything that runs on electricity or battery.


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Data Destruction Presented By E-Waste Recyclers India :

Data Destruction Presented By E-Waste Recyclers India

¥ What is Data Destruction?:

¥ What is Data Destruction? Data destruction  is the process of destroying  data  stored on tapes, hard disks and other forms of electronic media so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes.

¥ Why Data Destruction is Necessary?:

¥ Why Data Destruction is Necessary? Your computer might contain personal & Business information that is.. » Password » Tax Returns » Account Number etc

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When you delete a folder from your computer, its not going to be permanently deleted but the data still remains on your hard drive and these data can be retrieved by a recovery software. To remove data permanently the hard disk needs to be Destructed.

¥ Process of Data Destruction:

¥ Process of Data Destruction Three way to destroy data from memory. » Clearing » Purge » Destroy

¥ Clearing:

¥ Clearing The process Of “overwriting” This consists of software overwriting a disc or similar with a series of 1’s & 0’s randomly & repeating it.

¥ Clearing:

¥ Clearing This Process is good for: » Pc Hard Drives » Network , Printer » Zip , USB

¥ Purge:

The process of ‘Degaussing’ It involves passing magnetic media through a strong magnetic field which disrupts the data patterns . ¥ Purge

¥ Purge:

¥ Purge This process is Good for: » Pc Hard Drives » Network , Printer, Flash Hard Drive » Data Tapes

¥ Destroy:

¥ Destroy The process Of ‘Destruction’ Consists of physically destroying media holding the data by shredding, disintegration

¥ Destroy:

¥ Destroy The process is Good for » Hard Drive, Flash Media » Optical Media » Documents-Paper Based

¥ Conclusion :

¥ Conclusion For data stored on USB drives or recorded data on tapes, CDs, or DVDs, the storage devices should be physically destroyed.  You should keep records stating what records were destroyed, and when and how you did so. Contact us for more information on erasing electronic records.

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