Tips To Designing Great Business Cards

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How to Create Great Business Cards:

How to Create Great Business Cards


INTRODUCTION Business cards are an effective way to relay company information and contact details. After a formal introduction, a business card is something that the individual you are interacting with can remember you by. The ultimate goal one hopes to achieve by providing a business card is to gain more referrals and further business growth.


ADVANTAGES There are several advantages of using business cards for your business: 1) There is room for error when verbally providing contact details such as your phone number. Business cards are a fast and effective way of offering accurate business contact information. 2) First impressions are very important and what you say and do on a first encounter reflects your business. Providing a business card to a potential client enhances your business’s professionalism and reputation. 3) Business cards can also be used as a promotional tool to emphasize particular services or products your business offers.


ADVANTAGES 4) Establishing professional relationships is easier through business card exchange. 5) Business cards are a wonderful networking tool that can be passed out at events. Individuals that have your card may pass it on to other individuals that they know.


TIPS The following are some guidelines to create a great business card: 1) Ensure that your business card outlines accurate and up-to-date contact information. Your name, position, company, address, work/home/cell number, email address and website are details that you may want to put on the card. You do not necessarily need to include all of this information – a cluttered business card is not very effective. Pick and choose the most relevant pieces of information to add.


TIPS 2) Adding a visual element that is representative of the services or products that your business offers is advantageous. People are more likely to remember and keep a business card that has an image compared to one that does not.


TIPS 3) Any other component of your business card depends on your personal preference, the norms of the industry that your business is a part of and the amount of money you are willing to spend on designing and producing your cards. A unique business card will be memorable and tends to go a long way – keep this in mind when choosing a color scheme and design. A clever way to garner attention is to make your business card multi-functional in a way that is related to your business. For example, a math tutor may design a business card with a ruler on one edge.


CONCLUSION Business cards are an effective marketing tool to propel your business forward. They are essential for providing accurate information about your company and for generating a professional first impression. Creating a unique business card allows you and your company to be memorable in the minds of potential clients.

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