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Bath Bombs Bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients that dissolve in the bath water to form bubbles essential oils and scent. Being hard-packed mixtures bath bombs can easily be damaged. Therefore you need to choose a box packaging that keeps this product safe and free of environmental factors. The best choices for packaging bath bombs are Double Wall Lid Lock Cap Auto Bottom Six Corner Four Corner with Display Lid boxes. However you can order a custom designed box too depending on your requirements. You can further get embossing coating and window patching done on the boxes to magnify the aesthetics of the packaging and the product inside. Also it is the norm to get the brand’s name and the ingredients of the bath bombs printed on the box packaging which you can state in your order.

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The packaging is considered the first-impression of your product and it promises what is yet to come so go all out. Be as creative as you want with the shape of the boxes the colors the designs patterns and anything else you have in mind. You order what’s in your mind and we will fulfill it. For more information regarding the products and services that we offer or to get a quote for your order Call us: +1475-275-7327 or

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