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Many people have this question, like How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take? Well, it's hard to give an exact date because every person's teeth are different. However, In most cases, the treatment time is determined by the complexity of the treatment, age, and individual needs. The factors for orthodontics treatment are: 1. Type of Treatment 2. Age 3. The Severity of The Case For more information about orthodontic treatment in Redwood City call us at 650-365-1400 or visit our site:


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HOW LONG DOES ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT T AKE|REDWOOD CITY CA  Prima Dental  1690 Woodside Rd 118 Redwood City CA 94061  650-365-1400 

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INTRODUCTION  The most common question many patients ask our dentist in Redwood City is How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take Well its hard to give an exact date because every persons teeth are different.  However our Orthodontist in Redwood City can give patients a guide to the necessary treatment time before the braces go.

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WHAT IS ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT  Orthodontics is a dental treatment that corrects the misposition of teeth and jaws. Its a tooth straightening teeth method that improves the appearance of your smile. Orthodontic Treatment

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WHATS THE ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT TIME  The orthodontic treatment time varies significantly from one patient to another. In most cases the treatment time is determined by the complexity of the treatment age and individual needs. If a few teeth need slight straightening then the patient treatment can be finished within 6-12 months. But a complicated case with multiple issues can take approx two years. Orthodontic Treatment Time

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HOW DOES ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT WORK  During the Orthodontic treatment our Redwood City Orthodontist Dr. Ho will do a thorough oral examination. Based on the examination a CBCT scan facial photograph and digital impression are taken to evaluate the condition of your oral health.  Once the evaluation is done steady pressure is applied to the teeth to move them into their correct position. Our Redwood City Orthodontist focuses on straightening the teeth into an aesthetically pleasing smile and aligning the jaw for optimal chewing. How Orthodontic Treatment Work

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FACTORS TO CONSIDER FOR AN ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT  Type of Treatment: Due to advances in dental technology there are several options available like metal braces and ceramic braces.  Age: Age also matters in orthodontic treatment as a young patient tend to get the results faster than adults because their jaw is still growing making the teeth easier to manipulate.  The Severity of The Case: Its the most important factor to consider a mild spacing or crowding can be fixed in a year while severe cases take much longer. Factors for Orthodontic Treatment

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To determine how long youll need Orthodontic treatment is to make a consult with our Orthodontist in Redwood City. We will take pictures and x-rays of your mouth and create a custom treatment plan. For more information about Orthodontic Treatment in Redwood City call us at 650 365-1400 Or Visit our Website: