Rituals Of Wearing Ruby Gemstone


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Ruby is the gemstone of Lord Sun. It represents father, authority, dignity, boldness, courage and kind heartedness. Let's check who should wear it and how. Also check the procedure and mantra of wearing the gemstone. https://wa.me/919216113388


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An Introduction The Ruby is also known as “Manik” in Hindi. Ruby is related to the planet of Sun. The word ruby comes from the Latin word ruber that’s meaning red. Ruby belongs to the corundum family. Rubies may be of any shade like as blood-red brownish-red purplish-red pinkish-red and orange-red. But most of the rubies have a strong red color.

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Rituals For Wearing A Ruby Ruby gemstone should wear on Sunday. For ruby gemstone gold and copper metals are suitable. This gemstone should be touching the skin of the wearer’s finger. According to astrology Sunrise is the best time to wear a ruby ring.

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Methods Of Wearing A Ruby Before wearing the ring it should be washed with Ganga-water on condition that Ganga-water is not available then wash its any holy water. When ring has been washed is should be kept in a red cloth on which Sun Yantra is drawn with either red sandalwood paste

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The wearer can also do these rituals himself. Firstly the wearer should be facing east while worshipping the Yantra. Secondly the Yantra is to be respected by a Tilak flowers and incense should be offered with ring in front of the copper Yantra. In the end the gemstone connected with the ring should be worshiped speaking the mantra of the Sun God. “OM HRING HANSAH SURYAYE NAMAH OM”

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