Negotiation Skills

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Its my habit to drink lemon juice early morning. One fine morning I found only one lemon in the refrigerator, by the time my little brother asked for lemon to do facial. We both started fighting for the single lemon… We ruined the beautiful morning with silly arguments I could have solved this easily by squeezing the lemon juice out of the fruit and could have given the skin to my brother… Yes that’s the best solution… good alternate option I can offer !!!

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Andre Baptiste (Charles Taylor ) Yuri Orlov ( Oleg Orlov, a Russian businessman)

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LORD OF WAR is the movie full of negotiations, Best among them is, How Yuri Orlov and Andre Baptist negotiates Yuri Orlov understands the motivation of Andre and makes his move Andre Baptist offers best alternative to timber… Finally, Yuri settles with the stones… BLOOD DIAMONDS Best example for NEGOTIATION SKILL MUST WATCH MOVIE