Hope Quotes Bring joy in your life

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101MotivationalQuotes provides you the New Best Hope Quotes On Life with the Faith Never Lose Hope Quotes and God Quotes About Hope.


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Hope Quotes Bring joy in your life. :

Hope Quotes Bring joy in your life. “When the world says give up, hope whispers try it one more time.” When you find yourself all alone with no one around you, the only thing that keeps life going is Hope. Hope finds its origin right from the birth of the child. Parents start hoping for their child will do well in his academics, profession and life. It is the hope that makes us dream. A simple four letter word, Hope builds in patience. Hope Quotes encourages us not to anguish even in the darkest hour, as after each night a day is sure to come. Change is the law of the nature, nothing will remain the same, what is in our hands is to be hopeful and keep moving on in life. We should focus on over our present as it is our control, should not regret over yesterday, which has gone and is beyond our control. We are unaware of tomorrow for it could either be dazzling or dreary. So we are left with only one alternative i.e. work hard today, so that we can make a better tomorrow. People, who have ever gone through hopeless instances in life, might understand the value of hope in its real sense. When any one of us goes around hopeless about life, we often blame our nature or destiny for it. Remember, we are what our upbringing, attitude, has made us".

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We as children were born and brought up with hope but, during our journey through life, we often lose our hope. We have to be resilient enough in accepting our lives with no space for anger. How much can we do is based on how much we hope we can do. Being hopeless means a sheer wastage of our energy and time. No hope implies no use of the immense power within us, the power to direct our own future. Hope generates a sense of motion in our mind in motion to find the way to create our life. The discrepancy between having and not having hope is the same as the discrepancy between being successful or unsuccessful and being contented or discontented, or the discrepancy between being provoked or not.

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