Effective Professional Resume Writing

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Effective Professional Resume Writing:

Effective Professional Resume Writing

Writing An Effective Resume:

Writing An Effective Resume Create a stunning resume that showcases your Skills Creativity Risk-taking ability and Qualifications

For A Successful Resume:

For A Successful Resume Focuses on skills. Use action words to define the responsibilities of your job-related experiences Easy to read and understand Visually powerful and free of gimmicks One page, or at most 2 pages long Formal Style Spelling Check Keep the design simple

PowerPoint Presentation:

No grammar errors A professional looking Margins at sides and bottom Layout makes reading easy Use of white space is effective Must always be truthful Produced on a computer

Cover letter Contents:

Cover letter Contents Research the company. Address the letter to a specific person Name, title, company, address, city, state, and zip of person you’re writing to Mention the person who referred you if appropriate Your address, city, state, zip, telephone number and date Concise overview of work history and skills that will help you perform the job

Some alternatives for traditional:

Some alternatives for traditional Employers will take no time in discarding your paper resume that typically lists your work history and educational qualifications in chronological order. You have got to think out-of-the-box if you want to make a great first impression. Video Resumes Online portfolio Brochure Resumes Audio Resume Social Networking Genre Breaking Resumes Business Card QR Code Links

PowerPoint Presentation:

Video Resumes It helps you to enhance your online presence and it also makes you a candidate who is willing to experiment and take risks. The best part about presenting a video resume to an employer is that they get to know you even before the actual interview. Your communication skills are judged and if you are a natural in front of the camera then your resume will leave a greater impact. Online Portfolio You do not need to be a writer or a photographer to have an online portfolio. Even if you have worked on important projects at office, you can create a portfolio of them. You can make use of websites such as Posterous, Tumblr, or Wordpress to set up your own online portfolio.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Brochure Resume Any resume is a great marketing tool. Brochure resumes allow you to input your details and credentials while adhering to the format of a brochure listing. You can even insert photos and stylize the format to suit your needs. Creating a brochure resume requires time and effort. Audio Resume Through an audio resume, you can talk about hobbies, interests, experiences, or contributions to companies, thus supplementing your paper resume .

PowerPoint Presentation:

Social Networking Interaction with potential employers and other people is a great way to talk about your skills and experiences. Many employers are looking for portfolios that demonstrate true talent rather than a mere listing of your qualifications in a resume. Genre Breaking Resumes Genre breaking resumes help you to stand out, far above the rest of the crowd. Retain your professionalism but be different. Business Card QR Code Links Adding a QR code to your resume provides an instant connection for managers and HR personnel. All they have to do is scan the code with their smart phone and they will be directed to your homepage.

What do Employers look for in a Resume? :

What do Employers look for in a Resume? Resumes, these days, are often screened by databases, employers, and hiring personnel. There are a few basic things that employers look for on a resume, non-traditional and traditional. Does this candidate have the potential to solve specific problems? Employers look for problem-solving ability in job candidates. So when writing resume , you have to demonstrate, clearly and concisely, problems and challenges that you have overcome by using your skills.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Before you mention any skills on your resume, it is important for you to have done your research on the company’s needs and expectations from their employees. Is this candidate worth the investment? YES! You are an investment for the company. Every company wants their employees to build shareholder value and contribute to the growth of the company. In your resume, it is important that you highlight all experiences in the past, where you have succeeded in building shareholder value.

Common Mistakes :

Common Mistakes Few mistakes you HAVE to avoid on a non-traditional resume: Never included an unedited video on a video resume Never use distracting backgrounds for video or photographs Let others review your video before you upload it Focus on content rather than length Never include incorrect, false, or irrelevant information about yourself Technology and the internet have made it possible for you to present your resume in a number of different ways. So think OUT-of-the-BOX ’ for your resume and make a good first impression.

For the Best Impression:

For the Best Impression On-Time Dress Physical Contact Eye Contact Smile Fidgeting

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