Image Processing for VOD-Distribution (using Ruby on Rails)


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This project deals with the Processing of the Image for the Distribution through the Electronic Media


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Image Processing for VOD:Distribution:

Image Processing for VOD:Distribution Prepared by: Ujwal Pratap Singh C0946 Computer Science & Engineering

What's Ruby & Rails:

What's Ruby & Rails Ruby- A programming language Developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto (aka Matz. Rails-It is a framework of scripts in ruby that provide for rapid development of web applications, esp those with a database back end

Rails Philosophy:

Rails Philosophy Convention over configuration Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)

Rails Architecture:

Rails Architecture

Starting Rails:

Starting Rails > cd /directorypath Start the server > rails s Default environment is development Default port is 3000 http://localhost:3000

Image Processing:

Image Processing In an effort to reduce manual processes and provide greater scale to the process of provisioning Image for its Video-on-Demand services, Customer wishes to deploy a toolset/workflow which will allow content provider partners to supply a limited set of master (“Mezz”) high resolution art files, from which all required Image deliverables can be programmatically derived.


IMAGE PROCESSING TOOL The tool shall use ImageMagick for Image conversions. The tool shall conform to the Customer ’s software development coding standards 3 users Content Provider Affiliates Quality Checker

Technologies Used:

Front End Ruby On rails (ROR) Ruby Gems Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) JetBrains RubyMine 5.0.2 Back End PL/SQL ImageMagick-6.8.4-4-Q16-x64 Technologies Used

Working Environment & Hardware:

Working Environment Ruby on Rails Operating System Windows Xp onwards Unix/ Linux Hardware Pentium IV Processor, 1GHz Minimum 128 MB RAM, Recommendable 512 MB Minimum 20 GB Hard Disk, Recommendable 80 GB Working Environment & Hardware

Why Image Processing?:

This software is basically based on providing the quantized image for of the movies to the distributors such that they could place the add for the movie in digital form. The image/poster of the movie is not always according the desired quality/size as demanded by the distributor. Convert image into a digital form i.e. sampling of image and quantization of sampled values . After converting the image into bit information, processing is performed. i.e. Image enhancement, Image restoration, and Image compression . Why Image Processing?

How Image is Processed?:

How Image is Processed?

Use Case Diagram: :

Use Case Diagram:

ER- Diagram:

ER- Diagram

Class Diagram: Sequence Diagram:

Class Diagram: Sequence Diagram

Class Diagram: Sequence Diagram: Login:

Class Diagram: Sequence Diagram: Login

Screen Shots- Login:

Screen Shots- Login

Content Provider Home:

Content Provider Home

Affiliates Home:

Affiliates Home

Quality Checker Home:

Quality Checker Home

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